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DRACARYS - a larp inspired by Game of Thrones


When we started conceiving Dracarys - The Magic Awakens, we did not imagine it as a larp meant for an international audience. We are working on an international project already (see , an English-language larp coming next November), and we thought Dracarys would have been an “ordinary”, Italian-language only larp.

Your enthusiasm changed our mind! :)


International Players welcome!

We received several requests, from larpers as far away as Russia and Australia, bravely trying to sneak their way into the larp, by asking if they could play a “foreign” character of some sort. We decided then to include a full-fledged English-speaking group in the game and to translate some of the game materials and rules into English. The larp will still be mostly played in Italian, but if you love Game of Thrones and you feel like playing a mysterious stranger who speaks a foreign language, like a Warlock from Qarth, a fierce Dothraki or a disciplined Unsullied, you are most definitely welcome!


English website: International Players Welcome! || Dracarys - The Magic Awakens  || Practicals



Some basic info about this larp:

Italian website: (automatically translated into pseudo-English here). E-mail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.  

Larp video trailer (in Italian with English subtitles): here 

When: August 12-14 (Fri-Sun), 2016

Where: the impressive Castello di Rezzanello, near Piacenza, about 90 minutes by road from the airports of Milan-Malpensa (MXP) and Bergamo-Orio (BGY).

How much: the basic fee is €78; if you want to support our project, feel free to pay a little more.

Setting: Game of Thrones, after season 5! More specifically: far from the fury of the War of the Five Kings, lies Summerhall, an old manor once destroyed by the Targaryen’s folly. The castle has been recently rebuilt, in secret, by an alliance forged between the Houses Martell and Tyrell. Nobles and travelers from distant lands flock to the place, eager to unravel the mysteries of Summerhall and to witness -or prevent- the awakening of magic.

Food & lodging: all meals and basic lodging are included in the larp’s fee. Players will sleep in an indoor, out-of-game area (a huge plastic tent with a wooden floor) or will be allowed to camp out-of-game in another area near the castle. You’ll just need to bring your own mat and sleeping bag. If you want you can rent a place in one of our historical tents and sleep “in game”, see this page (in Italian) or this automatic translation of the same page.

Rules: simple and easy (no skills, no points, no classes, just a couple of conventions for fighting with latex weapons, healing and the occasional magic)

Characters: 300 pre-written characters, divided into 13 groups. International players will be able to choose their character from one group in particular, named “The travelers from the Free Cities”. It is a diverse group, 30-strong, including characters both from the Free Cities and from other kingdoms of Essos. In the group, about 15 characters will be flagged as “English-speaking” and reserved for international players. If there are not enough larpers from abroad, the remaining characters will be offered to Italian players who speak English.

What if I want to play in a different group? you are not strictly *forced* to play in the “Travelers” group, but if you choose from a different group please consider we won’t be able to provide English-language game material: your character description will be in Italian only, other players in your group may not speak English, and so on.

Languages? Italian will represent the Common Tongue of Westeros. English will represent High Valyrian; we’ll use it as a lingua franca shared by all characters from Essos (i.e. the difference between the language of Qarth and Dothraki won’t be relevant in the game). If you speak Italian and/or English you can decide that your character speaks the Common Tongue and/or High Valyrian.

What will I be able to read in English about the larp? Your character’s description. The description of the “Travelers” group. We’ll also translate the basic rules. For everything else, Google Translate is your friend, or you can just ask us on the event page on Facebook.

Shut up and take my money! If you want to play, you can sign up using the PayPal button on this page. If you want, you can also rent from us a costume, weapons, a place in a medieval tent.


The Travelers from the Free Cities

"What they believe dead in Westeros, is just dormant, waiting to be awakened" 

The Narrow Sea. A dark water expanse separating the peoples of Westeros from the great Free Cities. 

Each land is a jumble of traditions, legends and cults long since forgotten: bankers without scruples, companies of sellswords or mummers, storytellers turning real deeds in glamorous legends, faceless assassins. 

Yet further East the real mysteries lurk: magic flows strong there. From East to West winds blow and the ships unfurl their sails. Magic is awakening, and the East is not unaware.

(full description coming soon)