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Black Friday - modern-day thriller larp


A blockbuster larp for international players, set in modern-day U.S. “Black Friday” will be played in northwest Italy in November, 2016. Will you uncover the truth?

After the successful experiment of "The Rebels on the Mountain", we are ready for our first fully-international larp. A three-day, English-language larp for 70 players:

Black Friday was born of an ambitious project to create an Italian larp blockbuster: a high-budget event, revolutionary in narrative, props, and set design, as well as setting an unprecedented example of collaboration between creative people from the most innovative teams in the Italian larping scene.
Black Friday was written and produced by a collective of authors, organizers and set designers coming from different larp teams: Terre Spezzate, Chaos League, Cronosfera, iVdM, CINR, oLMo and a handful of experienced freelancers. It was born of diverse ideas, competences and creative traditions, brought together by passion and the desire to join forces to produce something truly extraordinary.
It was originally played in Italian in two runs in November, 2014 and it received widespread acclaim by its 140 players.

Now, we feel it's time to present it to international players in an English-language run.


Photos & Videos from the larp

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Reviews & Articles

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