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Terre Spezzate is an Italian community of organizers and players 
sharing a vibrant passion for live-action role playing.
Since 2006, we take pride in exploring diverse genres and themes, producing high-quality,
detail-rich larp events, striving to make them exciting and insightful at the same time.

The origins

Terre Spezzate was born in 2006 from a small group of enthusiasts, all of them with several years of experience in the hobby, drawn together by the aspiration to significantly raise the bar in terms of maturity of themes, credible plotting, costuming and prop quality in comparison to what they had experienced prior to then on the Italian scene. To make a blunt metaphor, we wanted to move the wavelenght over from that of Dungeons & Dragons to at least that of Game of Thrones, and for a good 7 years we have been organizing monthly larp events in our original, low-fantasy campaign setting and rule system, specifically devised to facilitate the gameplay we wanted to offer. We staged our bittersweet, very human adventures in wondrous locations such as natural parks, ancient castles, medieval hamlets, thick forests on the shores of lakes and rivers, always taking care to add a touch of re-enactment grade scenography.

The Revolution

Our thirst for innovation and continuous improvement unquenched, we had already been looking to a completely new way of doing things for some time when in 2013 we had a first contact with international larps by joining "The Monitor Celestra" in Gothenburg, as players. That was it! We came back with loads of ideas and a new portfolio of contacts in the international community that we could share and discuss said ideas with. We thoroughly overhauled our system, letting our creativity loose by abandoning the steady fantasy campaign and moving towards organizing one-shot or mini-campaign cinematic-feel events in different genres and styles with minimalistic rules and a strong focus on experience and immersion. Every project is now a standalone production, featuring the recruitment of a dedicated crew. Doors are open to anyone wishing to collaborate to create beautiful things and we explicitly aim towards building bridges to other teams and freelancers to develop a healthy artistic echosystem. We like to think of our new wave as a playful, light-hearted Revolution challenging the Italian larping scene to raise its standards.

Sample portfolio

Starting in the autumn of 2013 with The Stronghold of the Vanquished, a hugely succesful tribute to the old low-fantasy campaing putting old tropes in a completely new, play-to-lose frame, we have been organizing events as diverse as fable and thriller, as far apart as medieval fantasy and cyberpunk. To name but a few more, A Winter's Night Dream brought Shakespeare and Babette's Feast together in a farcical, yet profound metaphor of life; The Twilight of the Gods aimed at rediscovering the epic roots of fantasy, delving into Norse mythology and posing the question of compromise between values and survival; the high-budget, blockbuster-style Black Friday delivered a tech-rich contemporary conspiracy story digging into the light and dark sides of state decisions in democracies along the lines of TV series like X-files and Utopia.


We constantly strive to create unique carefully crafted events, enjoyable for the total newcomer as much as the experienced player. We describe our design as character-centred, the participants are protagonists of a co-created narrative that develops out of their choices and role-play. It really is about immersing in your character an acting out its feelings and thoughts, like in a movie set, but without a script. We seek a natural and realistic interaction between characters and the environment and we try to stick to what can be physically represented: except for restrictions dictated by safety reasons, what you see is what you get, simply.

 An involving, stimulating play experience. Thought-provoking themes and plots. Highly detailed set design, props and costumes, locations perfectly in tune with the setting, a realistic reconstruction to immerse oneself in the fiction completely and get the most out of it: meet Terre Spezzate!

"Life is too short to play bad larp"