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Consulta il Calendario per l'elenco completo e sempre aggiornato dei prossimi eventi e di tutti gli eventi passati.

Leggi il Menù Rivoluzionario 2014 per una breve presentazione di tutti i nostri eventi del prossimo anno!


We're proud to announce "Red Center", a project by NotOnlyLarp and Terre Spezzate that will be played in Spain in November, 9th – 11th 2018.

After hearing consistently good reviews about this larp (we played the 13th replica) we decided to give it a go and, with a mini-expeditionary force of five Italians, make our way to this version of 1918 Siberia, the year when Legion: Siberian story is set.

I was the only Italian player in Sunburn, a larp taking place in Israel at the beginning of 2017. 

Coming soon: more information about ICARUS, our big international larp for 2017 and possibly our most ambitious project so far.

Save the date! And the upcoming website:


Translator's preliminary notes: those theses where written in 2013 to provoque and shake the Italian larp scene. (view original post, in Italian, here). They are meant to be witty, unkind and even insulting. They are also mainly addressed to the mainstream Italian fantasy boffer and Vampire larpers, as they represent the traditional way of larping in Italy, without any significant changes from the late ‘90.
If you feel offended by this we’d like to say that we are sorry, but frankly we don’t give a damn. ;) If you want to read our proper, "serious" (if somewhat outdated) Manifesto, you'll find it here.
Reader’s discretion is advised. 

A 300-players larp, open to international players! Westeros is coming...

An article by Lorenzo Trenti about the 2014, Italian runs of Black Friday.

A blockbuster larp for international players, set in modern-day U.S. “Black Friday” will be played in northwest Italy in November, 2016. Will you uncover the truth?

A review by Muriel about I Ribelli della Montagna ("The Rebels on the Mountain", our larp about WWII and the Italian Resistance)

The first English-language Players' Guide for a Terre Spezzate larp (I Ribelli della Montagna ) is now online.

Terre Spezzate proudly announces its first event open to international players: I Ribelli della montagna / The rebels on the mountain.

We created Terre Spezzate seven years ago because we wanted to improve on the typical live-action roleplaying experience we could find in Italy at the time. We sat down and set ourselves a few goals. Some of them we attained, some not.