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“Those who have never tasted the intoxicating nectar of power cannot imagine the sudden explosion of adrenaline that radiates throughout the body, releasing a harmony of movement, erasing all fatigue, along any reality that does not bend to the orders of your pleasure; the ecstasy of unbridled power, when one need no longer struggle but merely enjoy the spoils of battle, and savor without cease the headiness that comes with inspiring fear.” Muriel Barbery
How to Sign Up
Sign up for Keystone is open on Terre Spezzate’s portal, you just need to create an account if it's the first time you attend a Terre Spezzate larp, log in, and choose your favourite run and participation fee.

Participation fees are diversified according to the in-game group: Upstairs and Downstairs (see the Characters section). This is a decision you have to make before signing up to Keystone.

All tickets include food and lodging in the common room, you can separately reserve an accommodation into the B&B, and experience the pleasure of sleeping in nice rooms with private bathroom.

We are making available different types of tickets; in particular there are many spots at a reduced price and for players under 25. Furthermore, as usual, it is possible to Sponsor the event paying a higher price. Each Sponsor allows one person to get their ticket at a reduced price, and gets our gratitude, as well as the chance to choose their character before others. Associate Producers pay even more. Each Producer allows two people to get their tickets at a reduced price, gets our eternal gratitude, can choose their character before any other category, can negotiate with the organizers some modifications to their character, and will be able to join an exclusive Facebook group where the organizers will answer questions and will share exclusive teasers / previews.
Tickets are non refundable or transferable.
Types of tickets

Standard ticket: 200€
Sponsor ticket: 270€
Associate Producer ticket: 340€
Under 25 ticket: : 130€
Subsidized ticket: 130€

Downstairs fee: +0€
Upstairs fee: +60€ . Downstairs characters pay a bit less since they will help with serving meals.

There are also these extra options:
Standard Costume rental: 50€
Deluxe Costume rental: 100€
Two nights in the B&B during the larp: 70€
Larp gadget, the Keystone mug: 10€
Are you an artist? Come performing!
As said above, Keystone is meant to be a special experience, a very aesthetic one, that’s why we decided to offer ARTISTS some tickets at a extremely low price, which only covers the costs of food and lodging.

Can you play an instrument, sing opera, dance, draw or paint? Did you ever entertain the idea of portraying a noblewoman while loose on the sofa of eighteenth century parlor, or of singing "Là ci darem la mano" to gladden maidens and dandies during a garden picnic? Or maybe playing the strict dancing master busy in teaching lovely dances to gentlemen and young ladies? Sign up for Keystone as “Artist”!

We will cast you for a character that is appropriate to your art, so you can play Keystone. All we ask in return is, of course, to show off your art, amuse and amaze, performing at least once per act.

Attention, that must not and is not meant to be a job, nor must you be an actual professional to play Keystone as “Artist”, students capable enough to perform are more than welcome! What is required is to make your art available for the pleasure of all players and, in turn, enjoy the Victorian atmosphere, the magnificent mansion and the characters that will enliven it. Would you like to be in the spotlight and play intensely? Or would you rather be witness to a sultry and astonishing Victorian drama unfolding all around you? We will write a character especially for you, appropriate to the larp experience you would like to play.

“Artist” tickets cost 100€ less than the Standard Ticket (ie, just 100€ to play Downstairs, or 160€ to play Upstairs, for a whole weekend in an eighteenth-century villa, all meals included). Reserved tickets for artists are limited, so if you are capable and interested please email Keystone Staff at, explaining your sort of skills and experience and what kind of character you would like to play. Once your participation is agreed, you can sign up as an Artist and have access to the Artist discount ticket.

Bring a friend!
If you bring one your friends to play Keystone, you will receive a small gift from Terre Spezzate as a thank-you for putting effort to promote the larp and for contributing with this to the spread of this wonderful hobby. For every new player Terre Spezzate will gift the player that brought them with 20 "larp vouchers" that can be spent as a discount at every other event organized by us.

If you bring a new friend, please let us know by filling this FORM.
Waiting List
Waiting lists rarely work well in larps, especially in international ones, because typically players need to book plane tickets in advance. Therefore, we’ll use the following system, to ensure that everyone in the waiting list can be sure they’ll be at the larp, and make travel arrangements accordingly.

Those who will not make the cut will have the chance to join the larp by playing a "Light Character". Those are Supplementary Characters, with a reduced participation fee (170€) and they also work as Waiting List.

Light Characters are all from Upstairs, meaning members of the High Society, never Servants.
Participants who'll play a Light Character receive the complete character sheet directly at the larp, that's because when we have cancellations, we will offer the available spots to the Light Characters.

If you replace a missing character, you will be able to play the larp without paying anything more than your reduced Waiting List ticket.
If there are not enough cancellations, you can still attend the larp, playing one of the Light Characters. Those are shorter than standard characters, but they are real characters, with relationships, goals and a role in the Story. They have a generic, not personalized, Prologue for three of the four acts, while they'll receive a more richer Prologue for the Third Act. Other than this, with a Light Character you'll play the event fully, as any other participant.

Participation fee for the Waiting List is 170€, but if you'll receive a Full Character which is a Servant you'll receive 40 larp vouchers that can be spent as a discount at every other event organized by us.