Sign-up for Beyond the Wall is open now on Terre Spezzate's portal!

Sign-up for Beyond the Wall is open now on Terre Spezzate's portal. There, you will find a form where you can express your preferences for registration fee, optional costume rental and extra overnight stays.

The participation fee is to be paid in cash, directly at the event.
If you have never played with us before (or just once) however, we will ask you to confirm your intention to participate with a €50 advance deposit via Paypal when you fill the form. We will not acknowledge registration requests from new players without deposit. Important: when doing this, please always state in Paypal’s “reason for payment” text box the name of the player(s) the deposit is to be accounted for.
If you’ve already played at least 2 events by Terre Spezzate we will not ask for any advance deposit but we will still expect you to honour your commitment.
That is, if you register for “Beyond the Wall” and then cancel for any reason, we will ask you to pay an extra fee at the next larp by Terre Spezzate you will play. If you cancel before January 13th, we will ask you a €50 fee (or you will lose the deposit, if that was your case), if you cancel later, your next larp will cost you an extra equivalent to the full fee you had booked for “Beyond the Wall”.

Età minima

“Beyond the Wall” is open to anyone who is at least 18 years of age.
If you want to bring any underage relative (your daughter, little brother, niece..) to the event they’re welcome but will be under your responsibility and supervision. If they’re at least 14 of age they can choose a character as anyone else; if they’re under 14, they only pay €70 and won’t receive a complete character, but will play a relative of your character with a relation you’re free to decide by yourselves.
It’s important that your underage relatives are big enough for a few kilometres of walking uphill, or small enough you can easily carry them if they get tired.


Having such a small number of players (just 35) forces us to set a higher-than-average registration fee (comparing with other productions of ours), as several of the larp costs are fixed.
Still, we provided for several spots at a reduced price to favour younger and less well-off players who wouldn’t be able to participate otherwise. Tu finance those reduced tickets, and to generally help us produce a better larp for you, we have premium Supporter or Associate Producer tickets: if you feel you can afford it, take one! As a small token of gratitude, we will allow you to pick your character before standard ticket buyers, nonetheless the deeper meaning of such choice is your generosity will help the younger and less well-off attend “Beyond the Wall”.

Standard Ticket: €200

Sostenitore Ticket: €280

Associate Producer Ticket: €360

Under 25 Ticket: €130 (6 spots max)

Subsidized Ticket: €130 (4 spots max)

Additional Characters:: 100€ (4 spots max)
The 4 “Additional Characters” spots will be available only after all 35 regular spots are sold. Who plays as an “Additional Character” won’t receive a complete character created by the Staff, but will play a generic member of the Night’s Watch or of the Free Folk, which can be customized at will by the player. The “Additional Characters” also act as a waiting list: in case of last minute cancellations or people not showing up, we will give them the possibility to play the characters left free by the missing players. Even in this case they’ll just have to pay the reduced “Additional Character” fee.


If you don’t have a costume you can rent from us a good quality outfit customised for your character.
Note that rented costumes never include: shoes, underwear, thermal underwear such as tights or sweaters, gloves. You will still have to provide for these yourself. On a cold day, thermal underwear might not be enough: you might want to wear an additional layer under the breeches, tunic or armour we’ll provide you, such as a light jumper or pants, and also a scarf or neck warmer.

Costumes for the Night’s Watch will be all black or in very dark colours. Costumes for the Free Folk will be mainly made of fur and leather, with “tribal-style” ornaments.

Three options are available for costume rental and all include larp weapons suitable for your character.

Weapons-only rental (€30)
Larp weapons suitable for your character: mainly swords and axes for the Night’s Watch, typical spears and some axes for the Free Folk.

Standard costume (€60)
Example: breeches, shirt or tunic, belt, cape and hood. Larp weapons suitable for your character. One or two random accessories (pouch, drinking horn, bracers or other pieces of armour, helmet…)

Deluxe costume (€120)
Example: breeches, shirt or tunic, belt, hooded cape, possibly other pieces of clothing to enrich or layer your outfit. Fur and/or leather armour. Larp weapons suitable for your character, including a secondary weapon like a dagger or a mace. Several appropriate accessories we’ll chose for you among pouch, drinking horn, bracers or other metal armour pieces, helmet…

If you prefer to take care of your costume yourself, have a look at "Fashion victims: the right costume to survive Beyond the Wall"

Important disclaimer

Possible, however unlikely cancellation due to force majeure
The larp as we designed it can be played in almost any weather. We say “almost” because on the mountains, as at sea, one must be humble: unlikely as it is, there is always a remote chance an exceptionally bad weather turns up the very day of the larp. In this case we will do our best to adjust the event or postpone it promptly, but we can’t completely rule out the possibility of being forced to cancel the larp, even on a very short notice.
There is an even more remote likelihood, especially in February/March, that in case of exceptional snowfalls the street to the *House* itself, where we will lodge, will have to be closed. In the last 15 years this happened only twice, just for a couple of days and always in January. Should we have such an extreme case of bad luck that it happens again and *exactly* in the days of “Beyond the Wall”, we will be forced to cancel not only the larp, but the whole event as well.
Should it happen, we reserve our right to keep the deposits and/or ask the participants for a chip in, to partially contribute to unavoidable or already undergone expenses. It’s really an unlikely and improbable circumstance, but we want to clarify it beforehand.

Can I participate as a NPC?

Yes! There are up to 10 spots for people interested in playing only on Saturday as NPC (non-player character, such as extras, monsters and background characters directed by the Staff to help the players have fun).
This option is reserved to people who have already played with Terre Spezzate or have otherwise a good larp experience.
NPCs don’t pay, actually they will even receive 20 “larp vouchers”, namely a €20 discount they can use for any future event by Terre Spezzate.
NPCs are required to be on location from 10.30 Saturday morning to 16.30 in the afternoon; they’ll receive packed lunch and post-larp snack along with the other players. We’ll give a suitable costume to NPCs but just like everyone else they will have to provide for their own winter underwear and boots.

NPCs who wish to arrive the day before (on Friday) or stay until the day after (Sunday) are welcome. In this case we’ll offer dinner - overnight stay - breakfast in exchange for a symbolic fee of €15, in the same house the Staff will use. See the Practicals chapter for more details about what you could do during the "extra" days.