Time is running out

November, 24-26, 2023 - a larp by Terre Spezzate £
S I G N   U P !
17-19 novembre 2023, edizione in italiano

The world is on the brink of catastrophe. Who or what can save it?
News, idealism, activism, civil disobedience, degrowth, radical action. The truth is out there. Power pretends to be blind. The paradigm must change.

The East

We are facing catastrophe, but the System seems to want to do nothing, or worse: it continues to promote development models that are no longer sustainable, to support the logic of reckless consumerism that exploits the Earth for its own pleasure without thinking of future generations.


The East is a

(What is a larp?)

A story set in the present day but looking towards a very near future, with the ambition of providing a chance to think about complex and extremely contemporary themes such as environmentalism, climate change, the future of our planet, idealism, and concrete actions.

Science, technology, politics, and individual and collective morality are from today, but we look into tomorrow, into a future that appears increasingly dark and catastrophic every day that passes. Scientific evidence and conspiracy theories blur into a whirlwind of good intentions and cries of doomsayers.

In The East, you will have the opportunity to explore radical choices of happy degrowth, virtuous practices, and a return to a community existence where adherence to strong ideals becomes spirituality and deep sharing.
On the other hand, the world out there does not stop, and there will be an opportunity to interact with computers, drivable cars and vans, transmitters, video calls, phones, blank guns, video surveillance devices, and more.
A contradiction that reflects the many dichotomies that will be at the heart of this story.

What happens when ideas and good practices no longer seem enough and you are forced to make difficult and radical choices? The characters in The East will have to face conflicts between idealism and pragmatism, individualism and the collective good, peace and justice, testimony and action, ethics and conscience.

The peaceful communion with nature turns into a desperate race against time in which the beliefs each character has are put to the test, and every choice has heavy consequences.

The thriller and modern setting are particularly suitable for a complete player immersion. The sense of suspense of a thriller, combined with carefully chosen sceneries and locations, offers an immersive and engaging experience.

You will be the protagonists of a compelling and emotionally intense story, and some of the most pressing issues will be an opportunity for action and reflection, not only for the characters but also for the participants.

An isolated and utopian ecological community is disrupted and forced to confront its ideals.
How to act when time is running out?
What is the boundary between heroism and madness?
Between courage and sacrifice?
And what if the future really lies in in our hands?

What is our duty?

Get ready, the wind from the East is rising.


The East draws inspiration from contemporary themes and will have many references to real-life events, organizations, and discussion topics. However, it is also a strongly "cinematic" larp and takes inspiration from many works of fiction: Utopia, Captain Fantastic, Casa de Papel, 12 Monkeys, Mr. Robot, Travellers, Erin Brockovich, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, Learning to fight in a burning world, Friend of the Earth, The Ministry for the Future, When a Tree Falls..