26 Wed - 29 Sat, April 2023 - English or Italian run

The closest airport is Pisa (PSA), at less than two hours driving distance; Firenze (FLR) and Roma Fiumicino (FCO) airports lie at about two and a half hours driving distance.

The closest train station is Populonia Or Campiglia Marittima. From Populonia Station you can walk 3,2 km to Baratti Bay or take a Bus. From Campiglia Marittima Station you have to take a taxi or a Bus.
Here you can find the trip planner of the bus service AT.
Here you can find the web site of the Italian Railways Service.

You can of course reach Baratti by car; if you come from abroad you can easily rent a car in every airport. We made some simulations and got a total of €60-70 from Thursday till Sunday. See our research HERE.

For the international run we’ll provide a “larp bus” departing from Pisa Airport at a cost of around € 25-30, depending on how many players will book the service.


Pirate Academy will take place on the following date: The time schedule will be as following.


  • 12:30: (English run only) the Shuttle for the people coming from abroad will leave from Pisa Airport. Do not be late!
  • From 14:00 to 18:00: Registration and embarkment from Baratti Bay. Coordinates. The main parking is expensive, but there are several free parking slots available in the vicinity, we will lead you there. You need to reach Baratti Bay before 15:00 in order to participate to the larp.
  • 18 o' clock: La Grace shoves off!
  • We will sleep on board
  • The La Grace will sail around the Elba island
  • We will sleep on board
  • The La Grace will sail around the Elba island, then will return to the Tuscan coast. There will be one or more "special missions" to the mainland - perhaps on this day, perhaps not.
  • We will sleep on board
  • The game will end around 11:00
  • From 11:00 to 13.00: after-larp-party, pictures and goodbyes
  • 13:30: (English run only) a dedicated bus will take players back to Pisa airport

Food and beverage

You can enjoy the food of real old salts, from dried meats to exotic fruits, from spicy and marinated dishes to Caribbean inspired recipes, all sprinkled with refreshing beverages and tasty grog, the drink of every buccaneer!

The larp includes 3 meals a day, from a snack for lunch on day 1, to lunch on day 4. In-Game meals will be distributed to participants and will look like proper pirate food. Meals will include several vegetarian options; food may always include animal-derived products, though – we cannot guarantee a fully vegan menu. Unless you have any special dietary needs (please duly inform the staff if you do!) you’re asked not to bring food of your own.
A moderate amount of alcohol will be provided during the event. We expect you to be considerate and behave like responsible adults: drunkenness (or tipsiness) during the larp will NOT be tolerated.

Costumes and rental

Many players will bring their own costume, but if you need to rent one, we’ve got you covered! We provide several options for costume rental:
  • Standard Costume: €70 rental, comprising a pair of pants, a long-sleeved jersey, a sweater, belt and some accessories.
  • Deluxe Costume: €120 rental, comprising a pair of fine pants, a long-sleeved shirt or jersey, a sweater or vest, a sailor's jacket, weapons, belt and some accessories.
  • Discounted costume rental: € 50 rental, it’s identical to the standard rental, but reserved for players under 25 years of age.
  • Melee Weapons: €30 rental, for latex/foam weapons appropriate to your character.
  • Flintlock gun: €20 rental, for a flintlock "gun".
  • Guns + Swords: €50 rental, for both melee weapons and a flintlock "gun".

All costumes will be large-sized, so you can wear them comfortably over your thermal underwear and sweater and they will fit a quite wide range of body sizes and shapes. We will try to accommodate your size, and if something won't fit, we'll replace it directly on site from our spare costumes. We will not provide shoes, obviously.

Flintlock guns
Aside from the costume rental it will be possible to rent from us a flintlock pistol replica.
NOTE that if you are coming from abroad it can be difficult to transport a gun replica by plane.

Extra nights

Do you need to get in Tuscany the day before the larp starts ("Day 0"), and/or to leave the day afterwards? ("Day 5").
If so, and if you want a cheap-ish accommodation conveniently close to Baratti, you can ask for an extra night (on the mainland) when you sign-up. Each extra night costs €30, breakfast included.