We are a collective of venerable "Masters" and "Fellowcrafts" of larp. In this page we honour the larp designers, authors and scenographers who are building Keystone, to the glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe...

Keystone is a larp by Chiara Tirabasso, Daniele Cristina, Marco Ascanio Viarigi.

Characters and Plots
Chiara Tirabasso
Daniele Cristina
Fabio Rebecchi
Enrico Francese
Arianna Busti
Cristina Jon
Daniele Dagna
Martina Codognotto
Daniele Porta

Set design, SFX, Props, Costumes and Logistics
Marco Ascanio Viarigi
Francesco Beccalossi
Fabio Costa
Cristina Jon
Sonia Solci

Keystone is a
Terre Spezzate event.

If you need to get in contact, write to us!