A grand dream, yet only shadows will remain
Villa Aggazzotti (Modena), Italy. October 18-20
A grand dream, yet only shadows will remain
In a lavish historical mansion
A larp about occultism and secret societies
in the late Victorian Era
Villa Aggazzotti (Modena), Italy. October 18-20, 2019

Sumptuous - Surprising - Outrageous

Keystone offers you an aesthetic, historically accurate and lavish play experience,

While taking artistic liberties in order to thrill and move the participants.

In a fervent era of technological innovation, colonial conquests and political struggles among European powers

The first and the last of society will have first-hand experience of what Power is really like.

“Will you be among the creators of a New Order?”


You received an invitation for an intriguing social gathering in a magnificent country mansion. Take part to the late XIX century society for a weekend of schemes and plots

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Keystone is a Historical, Gothic, Mystery larp, winking at the charming esoteric-masonic tradition in which Occult, Philosophy, Science and Politics intertwine.

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How to Play

Whether you are a “Great Master” of larp or a “Neophyte” at their first try,
starting is super easy!

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The 19th century is drawing to a close, but the Old World's destiny seems to approach the bright dawn of a New Order.

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Keystone’s characters are divided into two main groups: DOWNSTAIRS, the Servants attending to daily service of their masters; and UPSTAIRS, the wealthy members of the High Society. They will enjoy a different, albeit equally rich and fascinating, gameplay.

In a charming country mansion, members of the European high society - intellectual and fanciful guests - accompanied by their servants, will gather to attend a social event organized by the new landlord, the flamboyant Lord Scarborough.

Schedule and Accommodation

“The privilege of feeling at home everywhere belongs only to kings, wolves and robbers.” Honoré de Balzac

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In a rich and lavish environment, our characters will explore themes and conflicts of the Victorian Age facing passions, desires, ambitions,
contradictions and perversions of men and on the edge of a new era, weaving together a charming collective story.

What pushes human beings to oppress one another?

Where will your thirst for power take you?


How to dress for a late 19th century larp? Putting together a plausible costume for this age is easier than you think.

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Keystone is a larp organized by Terre Spezzate

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