“Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.”

Perched on the great Wall as the birds from which we borrow our sad nickname, watchful sentries in the ice, we are all that stands between the Seven Kingdoms and beings which the people in the South do not believe in anymore. Forgotten by Kings, never thanked by the people, mistreated and mocked, yet we never doubted when shedding our blood for the good of Westeros, for peace and honour.

The Wildling war seems to have come to an end. The “Free Folk” are bent and exhausted, and are not a menace anymore. But now that the enemy of old has been tamed, new horrors come to the Wall, from the North. Armies of undead lead by the Night King roam the eternal ice plotting and gaining strength, so that the helpless men can do nothing but hide, trembling in fear, waiting for the end. Not the Crows. The Night’s Watch is not idle. The Night’s watch will cross the Wall, find the weapons to fight, and the strength to win.

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