"Night gathers, and now my watch begins."
(George R. R. Martin)

The icy moorlands beyond Castle Black, the Winter coming, the threat of the White Walkers and the endless struggle pitting the Night’s Watch, first defence in the North of the Seven Kingdoms, against the Wildlings, the Free Folk that never bent to the Game of Thrones. "",

This, and much more, is “Beyond the Wall”.
A larp inspired by the stories taking place between the fifth and the sixth season of the Game of Thrones tv show.


Samwell Tarly, a Maester by now, came across news of an ancient place, a cemetery sacred to the Children of the Forest which, eons ago, they used to bury their fallen. In that place lies a powerful weapon, hidden somewhere in the ground, a weapon that will determine the fate of men when Winter will finally come: the Dragon Glass, the Obsidian. The day after the news reached the Wall, an expedition left the Castle.
Meanwhile beyond the Wall, a group of Wildlings has stayed behind, refusing to emigrate South out yearn for the past, to keep with tradition and prevent the blood of the Free Folks from mixing with that of the weak that live in the South. But arrogance always punishes the fool: alone, far from the bulk of their people, the Wildlings soon split up, and of the thick group that was there a few weeks ago, only few survivors remain.

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