The characters in So Young are mostly students at Devington University, plus a small number of teachers. There is no age limit to playing a student (or a teacher)..

In general, age is not a relevant factor in the game, and will not be an object of play - the age of your character will never be specifically stated. In our fiction, all students are young people about to enter the Donations system, and all teachers are adults who have already passed through this division. So feel free to choose a student, even if in real life you have been out of university for many years. Likewise, do not hesitate to choose a professor, even if you are younger in real life. We are not interested in verisimilitude at all costs, but in offering everyone the gaming experience that best suits their needs.

Each player will receive a character sheet, complete with relationships, motivations and suggestions. All characters are gender-neutral and can be played as the player’s preferred gender..

Character teasers are available here


Devington students are the cream of the crop. Accepted to the oldest college in the region on the strength of their talents, they are accustomed to the strict rules of the school, which demands from them nothing less than perfection. At the same time, they know that teachers and mentors are there to nurture their abilities, push them to improve and find their way in life. Whatever that may be.

Most players will play a final year student at Devington University and will follow their personal story, from the first to the last day, going through their most significant experiences. They will fully experience college life, with its timetables and rituals, classes and exams, written and unwritten rules. Their story will unravel over their college years, up until graduation and the final selection between Donors and Gifted.
A journey towards a cruel and distressing destiny, sweetened by the friendships and longings of the small school community.


Performance anxiety


If Devington's students represent the brightest and most promising minds in the region, their teachers are the pinnacle of excellence. Chosen from among the best Gifted in England, or from among the most deserving Donors waiting for the cycle to begin, they devote their lives to teaching and caring for their young protegés. Impeccable, educated, inspired, strict but welcoming: Devington's professors have an unbreakable bond with the college and its traditions, but above all with the students. It is their hands and their minds, after all, that hold the tools to decide their destiny.

The adults who live and teach at Devington University already know their place in the world. Players playing the school's eight teachers will experience being the mentor, the guide, the inspirer. They will be called upon to grade exams, review letters of recommendation, make decisions and face the weight of their actions. And above all, of course, to prepare and teach lessons for their class. Not exempt from the strict rules of the school, they too will participate in clubs and societies with centuries-old traditions. But what happens at night never enters the classrooms. There, the staff at Devington have only one task: to open minds and guide the young people towards their bright futures.



Character teasers are available here