• Someone is quietly killed for you.

Villa Aggazzotti (Modena), March 31 - April 2, 2023.
A historic English college, the last few days of school, final exams, and death.
A dystopian, melancholic and dissonant tale inspired by Never Let Me Go.

«I was standing,
you were there,
two worlds collided
and they could never tear us apart.»

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

Devonshire, 1993.

These are the very last days before graduation from Devington University, a historic university in the English countryside. But this is not the 1993 we know. And this is not our England. Students and teachers, between exams, lectures, secret societies and first loves, prepare for what awaits them once they leave college. Young people advance in their studies to graduate and be divided into two categories: the most gifted will become part of the country's elite, the others will become organ donors. Their aim will be to grow up to give their lives, one piece at a time, for the survival of others.

So Youngis an uchronian larp about the last days of college, before entering adult life. A light-hearted, melancholic and dissonant tale about friendship and death.