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The event will take place from March 31, to April 2, 2023, from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. Between Friday and Saturday there will be an off-game break, allowing us to collect our ideas and start again the next morning, with new mechanics and new stories to tell. Saturday and Sunday will instead proceed seamlessly, with no interruptions.


  • Friday h 11:30: the (optional) "larp bus" leaves from Bologna airport
  • Friday h 11:30-12:30: meeting and registration
  • Friday h 12:30: workshop
  • Friday h 15:30: In game!
  • Friday h 00:00: Off game, break for the night
  • Saturday h 9:00: Short additional workshop
  • Saturday h 10:00: In game
  • Sunday h 15:00: The larp ends
  • Sunday h 15.30: Afterparty
The night between Friday and Saturday will be off-game. Between Saturday and Sunday, however, there will be no night break, and play will continue uninterrupted.
However, from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, the intensity of the game will decrease greatly, and animations by the staff will be sporadic or absent.


The larp will take place in the beautiful setting of Villa Aggazzotti, near Modena

The larp includes the possibility of spending the night in the villa or (for an extra charge) in one of the rooms of the attached bed & breakfast, depending on the character chosen. Those staying overnight in the villa shall remember to bring their own sleeping bag and camping bed, OR to rent one from us (details in the sign up form).

Address: Villa Aggazzotti, Via Castelnuovo 29, Formigine, Italy

Villa Aggazzotti on Google Maps