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So Young is a larp, i.e. a live-action role-playing game, which is based on free interpretation by its participants. You take on the role of a character from the plot, written by the staff and chosen by you, who you have to play according to your own spirit and initiative, within the narrative framework..

Whatever action you want to perform in game, you simply have to physically do it: the only limits are, of course, your willingness to put yourself out there, common sense and Italian law.
The game has no competitive purpose. The aim is to build and experience a compelling collective narrative together.

In So Young the characters in the story might compete, but the players collaborate in the realisation of an intense, melancholic, romantic and engaging drama.
At the end of the event there will be no winners, only players shaken by the emotion of what they have just created and experienced, together.

The Character Sheet is the starting point for the action. It defines your character's social network, position, vices, virtues and inclinations at the start of the game. However, it is not a script to be followed literally! The course of the game and the choices you make may take you to unexpected places. You can choose your character from a public description (or teaser).


So Young is a dramatic story of mysterious customs and ancient traditions, cruel competitions and hopes for the future. The larp aims to offer a glimpse into the lives of a class of students, harnessed by the strict rules of the school but also, above all, by those of the society that awaits them outside. Destiny is in their hands, but also already written. Rules are made to be broken, but it is also impossible to revolt. All the small gestures, the rituals of school and groups of friends, the relationship with teachers: everything takes on a melancholic and bittersweet connotation.

Our play focuses on the jarring dualism between the rigid, traditional normality of the old college and the ruthless cruelty of the society outside. We want to emphasise hypocrisy and duplicity in a context where talent and commitment struggle to stand out, whatever the cost. Competition, community, sacrifice and inspiration: which is the fiercer, the system or those who comply with it without hesitation?
We still serve tea, we still study Latin and we still listen to good music: it matters little if a part of us does not reach old age. This is just another rule of Devington and our England.


So Young deploys narrative techniques designed to make the gaming experience deep and intense. Our intention is for you to savour all the nuances of your character, tracing his or her story from the beginning to the last day of school and looking into his or her future.

We have designed narrative tools that will allow you to travel through your personal history, dwelling on the most salient moments: the first day at Devington, the first night, the last dance, exams, graduation, the closest bonds and the most bitter disappointments. All the way to look beyond. A window on tomorrow, where every veil is torn away, and only the stark reality exists.

Flashbacks, flashforwards and blackboxes will guide us through the shared narrative. A circular larp, where the characters' hopes and aspirations gallop through the story in the form of memories and recollections lost in time.


Those who enjoy participating in larp events experience a special way of having fun: pretending to be someone else. After all, this is what children do all the time: “let's play that I was...”

In So Young all we do is remove the social taboo that adults are not allowed to pretend, to lie, to roleplay, and on this we lay the foundations for a great and unpredictable collective tale.

The centre of the game is you, together with the character you choose to play. You do not need to be an actor, nor do you need to have acting experience. As long as you stay in character and react to what is happening around you as if it were real, you cannot go wrong. The only rule is "What You See Is What You Get". Everything that exists in the game world is physically present in the real world. Likewise, every action that your character performs must actually be performed. You are not allowed to mime a gun with your fingers, nor are you allowed to describe in words an action you want to perform.

We are ready to write together the mysterious, cruel and dissonant story of this last year at Devington University.