• Devonshire, 1993.
  • Just outside Exeter.

Since its founding in 1824 at the behest of Duke William Cavendish and his family, Devington University has welcomed young talents from all parts of England. Initially a men's college, it opened to women in 1927. It offers three very prestigious faculties: the Science Department, founded by Cavendish himself, the Arts and Literature Department, and the Law Department.

Over the years, Devington's importance has grown, and so has its fame – especially since the inception of the Donor system. For decades now, thanks to extraordinary scientific advances, England has been divided into two groups. The first of them is the Gifted, who carry the country forward through their abilities, who have children, husbands and wives, a job, and a role in society. And then there are the Donors: the protectors of the nation, the angels of the scientific cause, the martyrs of England.
Two groups, both fundamental. Without one, the other could not exist, and vice versa. Devington, like all other colleges, has the task of dividing young graduates into those two classes. Furthermore, it has the duty of instilling in them the sound principles, values and diligence on which the nation was founded.

«Traditio. Integritas. Communitas.»

This is Devington's motto, and everyone - students and professors - is expected to honour it. From the first day to the last.

During the game, we will explore college life in all its aspects, with its traditions and everyday customs. Players will juggle class schedules, exams, communal meals and dorm parties; they will dance together to the final notes before leaving Devington, and they will hide behind closed doors for an initiation rite. They will run through the corridors at night, wear their uniforms during the day -- all against the backdrop of the small, everyday challenges of an English college.
External life does not enter Devington. The division into Donors and Gifted is the elephant in the room about which no one voices any doubts. If there are, they remain buried, whispered. There are far more important things to think about. The next exam, the next class, the constant striving for excellence.


Devington University has very strict rules regarding dress and decorum. Everyone, students and professors alike, is required to present themselves in the classroom and at communal activities in neat and appropriate attire.


Costume should be reminiscent of a school uniform: knee-length trousers or skirt, straight or pleated, in shades of grey or black; jacket or waistcoat, or pullover, grey or black; white shirt; socks or knee socks; flat shoes. The organisers will provide everyone with a burgundy tie. It is possible to deviate a little from this list of accessories and clothing, as long as you stay within the colour palette and style guidelines (dark academia).


The professors have more freedom as far as clothing is concerned.

There are no colour or style guidelines, as long as the garments chosen are consistent with the overall mood and setting.

If you have any doubts, you can have a look at the Pinterest board, or ask for advice on our Facebook group dedicated to costumes:

While classes are characterised by strict restraint, there is one occasion when students and teachers can give free rein to their creativity: the prom. There, the exception becomes the rule. Every excess is permitted and encouraged, and the party becomes a time to express oneself, to amaze, to shock, to inflame the souls with scandal or elegance. All characters are welcome to wear outfits of their choice, bearing in mind that the larp is set in the 1990s.