As dainty as a mutant, as soulful as a burned tire.
Shed as a skin any scrap of decency, legacy from a decayed rusty bygone world, and join this explosive blend of larp, music and post-apocalyptic culture for more than 200 players.
Team up with your friends, crawl and rat-race over over the scarce resources, fight to obtain supremacy over livable areas, then dance until your own flames will burn the ever scorching sun in this passionate tribute to the cult of Fallout and Mad Max. Live four days in the wastelands of the most psychedelic, degenerated, and excessive, shiny and chrome event that we have ever produced!


Do you dream of playing the intimate tragedy of a French-Prussian peasant fallen in love with his own shovel? BLAH! MEDIOCRE!

Sanctum isn’t afraid of being a crazily funny but at the same time captivating larp, as well as a party filled with music and radiations. Sanctum doesn’t give a fuck about conventions and is able to explore themes as prevarication, hope, survival or the second coming of the Doom Marine without never ever taking itself too seriously!


Do you like to play the part of the prudish Victorian english servant without nothing to spoil historical adherence? MEDIOCRE!

Be brave enough to loosen up to you inner Mad Self and to play something truly excessive! Dig and scrap and raid and drink from post-apoc culture, from Mad Max, from Fallout, from Carpenter’s movies and from Kenshiro, or even from the worst hangover of your life to give birth to the most outrageous, crazy and unstable creature that this ravaged land has ever seen!
Could you measure up against the threatening Kung Fuhrer or Ultranova?


Do you like to carefully follow the railroaded planned plots written by an always-late author? MEDIOCRE!

Sanctum is a freeform larp, where players can, given some simple guidelines, unleash their fantasy to give life to characters worth living a world at the end of the world! Prove us spineless and stiff-arsed writers to be better than us and create a story more toxic than a thousand kablooeying nukes!


Before the Black Fire, before the bursting of infinite megatons, someone wrote that characters are “such stuff as dreams are made on”. Bullshit. Characters in Sanctum are made of fuel, flames, toxic scum, fury and a degenerate primal survival instinct particularly… underdeveloped.

YOU will create your own character, you will decide your own game, how crazy your group of play will be, how your encampment will be built but especially how much high-octane your blood will be.

No one will be able to be MEDIOCRE: thanks to a versatile system of traits, every character will be drawn since the beginning inside the cacophonic world of Sanctum!


BUILD your character! Freely imagine its behaviour, its craziness, its perverted relation to explosives liquids as tasty as gorilla’s piss and then choose its traits and the style of play that YOU like!

Each of such features will define an aspect of your character and will give you specific cues. .

As a short example, if you choose the trait “THUNDERDOME” you will receive the appropriate cues, maybe intel on who belongs to the gladiators’ community that controls the infamous arena and what problems is facing, who are its enemies and things useful to further develop and build your game.

To create your character and your group you'll just have to fill this Google Form

CREATE your own group or join an existing infesting wasteland band! There is no limit to what your deviated mind can throw up on this radioactive earth: families, clans, religious orders, marauders gangs, merchants, crooks, preachers, organs dealers, childrens butchers, washing-machine zealots, soldiers of the Mecha Kaiser, techno ravers determined to dance the end of the world to the last drop.

The groups of play, as well as the characters will be described and discussed inside the Facebook group Sanctum Characters

Any group sponsored by at least two players will be automatically accepted by the Staff (safe few rare exceptions) and listed among the available groups of play where to choose from. .

Each group will then need 5 player to be finally approved and played as a group during the larp. The final count of a group’s players will be a couple weeks before the larp; the groups that will not reach the 5 players quorum will be invited to merge, or their members to join approved groups. .



CREATE your territory! To each group will be assigned an area of the location where they will be able to build a camp. This will comprise a room that could be used as a dormitory or a bed camp and an adjacent room functioning as a “store”, where the group will be able to practice its own activities or occupation, meet, invite friends and enemies alike, lure clients and so on..

As you can see on the maps, the building has many rooms; a small one is often near a bigger one and most of them look to the main hallway.

The camps disposition will be determined by the staff, trying to meet as many requests as possible, but first of all thinking about the larp’s necessities.

Encampments are the pumping heart of Sanctum, so, don’t be MEDIOCRE and create an area as radioactive as the apocalypse itself! Everyone should WITNESS YOU!

We thought spicing up our outpost adding flavorful “Special” roles that will represent some of the “oldest” and experienced citizens of SANCTUM, to whom delicate roles are given, making them unique.

The “Sheriff”, the Minister of one of the religious cults, the Head Merchant are just a few of such characters and roles.

Select this option only if you are willing to receive some instructions from the Staff and if you are willing to be the center of attention of SANCTUM’s daily life. .



No one remember how the world was before the Great Disaster. On the dawn of the third millennium the earth was scorched by the flames of the Black Fire, becoming an ashen desert polluted by radioactive poisons, tacky mutations and a disputable fashion taste. Everything left from the bygone past has been twisted in a mythical, corrupted, degenerated and fragmented present in which civilization, culture, names and flags have taken new insane meanings.
Only the most ancient and sacred of the songs, sung during mystical rituals, is able to tell the last hours of mankind:

My name is Max.
My world is fire and blood. Once, I was a cop. A road warrior searching for a righteous cause. As the world fell, each of us in our own way was broken. It was hard to know who was more crazy: Me, or everyone else. Here they come again, worming their way into the black matter of my brain. I tell myself, "They cannot touch me. They are long dead." I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead, hunted by scavengers, haunted by those I could not protect. So I exist in this wasteland, a man reduced to a single instinct: Survive. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN


In all the fucking Waste, no place is as in-famous as the outpost known as Sanctum. Organs’ dealers, marauders, desperate gangs of scrappers, vaulters focused on restoring civilization one bullet at the time and even deformed mutant with their brain burned by the Black Fire, everyone has heard at least a tale about that one, only safe-heaven built among the ruins of the poisoned city, where not-always-poisonous water and anti-radiation meds can be found, as well as motor-oil distilled cocktails. A safe haven indeed.

Since the world has gone to shit, everything that made humanity a society, followed. But mankind is like a dog in need of rules, of a pack, of a purpose, of a bone, even in the midst of a radioactive desert. Even in SANCTUM, where once a year the worst waste of the Waste meet to burn the world anew.


Only by using inhuman force and flaming up as many throwers as you can, the few laws of SANCTUM can be uphold and new areas be conquered.


Nothing like religion can leverage on someone who saw everything devoured by radiations. Nothing like religion can inflame the inflame the hearts for new bloodshed. Such a joyful day to pray!


Cartels, guilds, slave dealers, drug dealers, deejays, ratskewers sellers. Everyone scrapes the shitty bottom of this ravaged, infected world, but only a few will offer the best deals, the most outrageous parties, the most degenerated pleasures.


In the world scarred by the Black Fire, logic and rationality are pointless relics of the past, unnecessary and outdated trappings like grass, retirement plans or intimate hygiene. When the radioactive flames burnt a society too fragile to survive without broadband and bigotry, survivors sought comfort in the only thing able to withstand any insult or rebuttal: religion.


What is left of a twisted Catholicism, a sacred bond of faith, intolerance and heavy metal that is typically Christian.


A high-octane cult, a burning faith in the Fire, the Black Powder and the Engine, preached by the Diesel Speakers.


An eccentric belief tied to the Earth and the ability to regenerate, popular among the disgusting mutants.


Every character of SANCTUM has an origin, that is a way to describe with one word from what post-apoc hell of a sewer they crawled out.


Dirty. Evil. Tough. Potential psychopath. The survivors are the largest group, the purulent plague of the Waste, the traditional characters of a post-apocalyptic madness, just as Mad Max or Imperator Furiosa.


Even more dirty. Even mor evil. Even more tough. Incredibly more psychopath. The NeoTribals are the true sons and daughters of the new world, of which thye understand the primal violence, laughing at those so-so ordinary creatures that still believe to be avle to go back to before the Great Disaster. We could describe them in many ways, but you know them already… they are the villains in every post-apoc movie.


As the Black Fire Fell from the sky, those who were wealthy, corrupted and guilty, sought shelter in one of the few underground Vault built to withstand a nuclear apocalypse. The Vaulters are their descendants, forced you explore the outside world after most of the system broke down and failed. They embody many of the traits of the bygone civilization: smugness, racism, elegance, hedonism, entitlement, and bring with them the most taky beats that the wastelands have ever heard.


The disgusting mutants are what you get after leaving your DNA to brew for generations inside polluted toxic sewers spiced up by lead-acid batteries. Many despise these freaky jokes of a mother nature high on thousands atomic mushrooms, but the Mutants are relentless. They have more rage, more determination, more insanity and why not, more arms or eyes than everybody else. They are not anyone's joke! (Good Luck joking about their third leg!)


If you have never played a Larp before, SUNFALL SANCTUM is the right event for you!

It's easy: you don't need to be skilled at acting, you don't have to burst into flames, you don't need to memorize longish Shakespearean characters' sheets. You just need to loosen up, to live four days in the midst of the radioactive plain, to dance, to have fun, to meet new people and, obviously, not to be mediocre!

It's comfy: often larps Take place in secluded monasteries, hidden in the deepest heart of the most obscure country side. Not sanctum. Sanctum takes place in Milan, in a giant abandoned industrial area, as charismatic as a plasma rifle but at bus reach! !
To play Sanctum you won't need to spend a fortune to Buy Shiny new armours or precious velvets from some heartless seller hidden in the darknet: becoming a radioactive scumbag is pretty easy.


To simulate firearms and other weapons, we will use nerf guns and classic foam and latex larp weapons.

Please note that nerf guns must be painted with metallic effect or so they don’t look like plastic.

Weapons that look too medieval will not be accepted - we don’t want it to be a fantasy larp.

If you don’t have weapons, don’t worry: we’ll provide foam weapons for rent, and painted nerf guns for sale at a reasonable price.


In order to play SANCTUM, you do not need to speak Italian, or in fact, English.
During the game you can speak whatever language or languages you prefer. Most participants will play in Italian, some will play in English, and we can expect about 50% of Italian players to speak English fluently enough to have meaningful conversations.

Disclaimer: if you speak neither English, nor Italian, nor French, nor Spanish, we organizers still warmly welcome you, but keep in mind that if you need to talk to us during the larp, we'll have to use either an interpreter, or sign language


SANCTUM takes place in a big abandoned building, managed by Urban Airsoft Italia. The building has 6 floors, one of which is the basement, and nearly 200 rooms. It’s located in Milan, Via Giacomo Medici del Vascello 26, very close to the Milano Rogoredo train station.



Meals and meal preparation will happen “in game”.

Participants will provide appropriate post-apoc food for themselves, in line with their group and character, and they’ll be able to prepare and eat it in game..

Staff will provide a gas stove area to cook and griddles to grill meat. It’s possible to bring extra camp stoves and gas tanks. Everyone will provide their own pots, dishes and cutlery.

It will NOT be possible to bring refrigerators or other appliances: the electrical system wouldn’t be enough for everyone’s needs.

Coffee, cold beverages, beer and light cocktails will be available for purchase at a low price at a bar run by the SANCTUM organizers. The bar is in game.

A food area will be set up in game, where sandwiches, cold and hot meals will be available for purchase at a low price, depending on availability. Vegetarian options will always be included.

Of course! Managing a “sketchy business”, a brothel, or a cart that sells “radioactive rat skewers” is a great idea to characterize the activities of your group (or some of the characters that are part of it).

Note: if you want to ask for euros in exchange for the food you sell in game (or any other service), a part of the revenue will go to the staff - more on that in the "Game money and tokens" paragraph.


SANCTUM will take place from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th of September, 2019. You are free to arrive later and to leave earlier, if you so wish. The game will be on 24 hours a day - yet we ask everyone not to disturb those who want to sleep during the night, and avoid noisy activities in the courtyard outside the building (see further details below)..


From 12pm: participants arrive, reception, groups assemble their structures
18:00: game and safety workshop, get to know the other groups
20:00: TIME IN, the larp starts at night then continues non-stop until Sunday


8:00 - 12:00: montaggio aggiuntivo delle strutture.remaining structures are assembled. Those who can’t arrive on Thursday will be able to use these hours to enter the location by car, assemble their structures, bring in their supplies, etc. Those who are already good to go can continue to play (or sleep in): in any case, we are thinking of Friday morning as low-intensity game
From 12:30: game continues non-stop until Sunday

Participants will be able to enter the game at anytime on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Those who arrive after 12pm on Friday will have to set up their space without disrupting the game, and while “off game” they’ll have to wear the white t-shirt with black cross.


Game continues non-stop until Sunday

Every night between 1:30am and 8am, we would like a lighter game intensity: we recommend not to disturb the participants who would like to sleep. Important: the game area is located in an urban area, although not densely populated. To avoid issues with the residents, concerts and other noisy activities will not take place in the courtyard, but inside the building (which is much more post-apoc than the outside anyway).

Important: after 10pm, game structures in the courtyard will “close” for the night. Between 10pm and 8am in the morning we recommend limiting yelling and big gatherings in the courtyard - use the building instead.


Overnight stay is inside the building used for the larp. Each player must provide their own cot or camping mat, sleeping bag and so on.

As said above, each group will have one or more rooms to use as camp/sleeping quarters. Another small dormitory will be available for those characters who are not part of any group.

For space and aesthetic reasons it won’t be possible to set up tents inside the buildings: it wouldn’t make sense anyway, since we have 200 rooms and we’re not afraid to use them.

The game continues 24 hours a day non stop without formal pauses, yet common sense dictates players should avoid disturbing people who are trying to sleep, and avoid being noisy near the dormitory rooms while people are sleeping.

Off game luggage: each participant can mark their luggage as “off game” with a visible sheet of paper or a white cloth with a big black X on it (for example, made of black tape).

The same code is used to identify off game participants, such as people who are setting up their camp on Friday, or players whose character is dead, and anyone who wants to exit the game for whatever reason.

For this, we recommend each participant to bring a white t-shirt with a visible black X to be used in these situations. Obviously, we expect any off game player to respect the game and not disturb the people who are playing.

The bathrooms are located in a nearby building near the game (two separate bathrooms with several toilets). There will also be running water available in a couple of locations in the main building, on top of many plastic water tanks that will be available to bring water to the rooms or the floors that don’t have running wate


About 13:00: TIME OUT, end of game..
13-h15: EVERYONE DISASSEMBLES, MANDATORY. It’s forbidden to leave the location before 3pm on Sunday, or before having disassembled and tidied up game structures and own group sleeping quarters. If you need to leave the larp on Saturday, please tell us in advance and make sure than someone else will take care of your camp.
15:00: Staff checks groups’ structures, security deposit is given back only if everything is sufficiently tidied and cleaned up, and it will be up to the incontestable discretion of the staff
15:00-h16:30:snack offered by the staff, non-alcoholic afterparty - since we assume we’ll have drunk enough during the previous days, and it will be time to hit the road and recover
By 18:00: all participants are asked to leave the location to let the staff finish tidying up. Those who are willing to help are welcome to stay all afternoon!


Aside from swapping, the survivors of the apocalypse use a variety of objects as currency, such as banknotes minted by the institutions in game, and objects that have an inherent value in the fiction of the game.

Hence, the staff will supply some “official” Sanctum banknotes, but any type of currency is ok to use, including banknotes and objects from other larp events, but also bolts, beads, shells. The only limit will be if other players accept or not those objects as currency, but the staff won’t put any restriction.

TOKENS are the only exception: they will be provided by the staff and will be used to buy food and drinks and other objects and services that have an “off game” value too high to be exchanged for beads.

Any player can exchange Tokens at the front desk, when they arrive at the larp.
Any player can exchange Tokens during the game, at the bar managed by the staff.
In both cases, 1 euro is worth 10 tokens. Minimum purchase is 100 tokens (10 euros), we don’t accept small change.
At the end of the larp, only the “shopkeepers” who will have sold food, beverages or other services in exchange for tokens will be able to exchange them back to the staff: they will get 8 euros for every 100 tokens.


Sign up is open on Terre Spezzate’s portal. To sign up, you’ll need an account and login.



To cover as many participants’ needs as possible, we have different subscription tiers for sign up. In any case, the sum for "SUNFALL, SANCTUM" will be paid in person at the larp, before the game. We will ask players to confirm their participation by a down payment, to be sent by PayPal or bank transfer by the end of June.


€ 70


€ 180


€ 120


€ 70


€ 100

International player: any international player who wants can sign up for Sanctum at this discounted price!

Supporters: all Supporters have our gratitude, a whole lot of glory from the gods of larp, and a nice gadget for free (Sanctum’s beautiful mug!) and, if they want, they’ll be able to choose one of the “special characters” rather than writing their own, which are characters written by the staff (while supplies of available characters last).

Under 25: discounted option for young players! Up to 25% of participants can get this price.

Budget: discounted option for anyone who thinks they need it: we trust you won’t abuse it if not needed. Up to 10% of participants can get this price.

For any questions and doubts, you can write us at