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“When Larp teaches us about war”

In my opinion, “I Ribelli della montagna” is a prime example of a game that, through a strong thematically-based design and focus on character narrative, did succeed in his original purpose, and would teach us a lot about war. Although the choice of dealing with WWII raised some legitimate controversy, the media attention and feedback was apparently mostly positive, since these difficult choices of context and narrative were obviously handled with a great amount of respect. This, in all, is a great reminder of the potential and value of such Larps. (excerpt from the review)


Thanks to Muriel for her insightful and kind review; we are honored.
Muriel played Meredith Taylor, the English nurse, in the first run of the game.


You can read the review here on Electro-LARP



10 motivi per giocare a ts

  • 1 Generi per tutti i gusti

    Dal fantasy al thriller contemporaneo, passando per la fiaba, l'ottocento o la resistenza partigiana... ci piace spaziare.

  • 2 Cibo compreso nel prezzo

    Sembra incredibile, ma Terre Spezzate fornisce gratuitamente almeno un pasto al giorno a tutti i giocatori!

  • 3 Vicini a te!

    Gli eventi di Terre Spezzate si svolgono tra Piemonte, Lombardia, Liguria ed Emilia.

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