4 days of pirate life on a historical vessel.
Learn how to sail and crew a Tall Ship.
Adventure awaits!


From the production team of Raven Crew, winner of the UK Larp Awards at LarpCon UK as "Best International Larp" for 2019! And part of the Roleplayers short movie, a project documenting International larp

Pirate Academy is an adventure larp where the participants will be playing aboard the ship La Grace, that will sail the waters off the Tuscan coast and the Elba Island. The game will take place, for most of its duration, on a vessel sailing at sea. Four days of sea life and training await you: sleep and eat aboard the tall ship, learn how to sail and fight like a pirate! And a Pirate you shall be! In fact you will also live the story of an entertaining character. If you are bold enough to step aboard, you will experience the romance of the Golden Age of Piracy. You will have the chance to actually crew the ship, choosing courses, taking the helm, trimming the sails, exploring faraway shores, dive in lovely secluded bays and much more. La Grace is a replica of a sailing ship from the second half of the 18th century which cruises seas and oceans with the aim of reviving sailing history. The La Grace will host Pirate Academy providing an amazing cruise packed with adventure, together with training in marine crafts and their proud traditions.


Pirate Academy is a larp designed to deliver the atmosphere and the mood of a true pirate tale, with treasures, secrets, mysteries and surprises. Key words are: Adventure, Comedy, Swashbuckling, Training

"Hope is now before us, and misery at aft.
We could not care the lesser for the men who say, "You're daft!"
So let the howling winds blow in and take hold of the mast.
Release the wheel and all your sins, for you are free at last! "

Pirate Academy can be described as an easygoing collective coming-of-age story about soon-to-be heroes learning how to act like pirates and becoming a real crew, before dealing with a risky mission that will make them rich and famous!

It's the story of ordinary women and men who stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime, and decide to embark on a crazy adventure: in four days they have to train to become real pirates, figuring out how to sail, fight, shoot and raid, but most of all learning how to be a crew and write their own legend.

Inspirations: Treasure Island, The Curse of Monkey Island, The Princess Bride, Galavant*, Black Sails, On Stranger Tides, Dodgeball.

* there will not be songs, or maybe just a few... who knows?



Listen up matey, and I'll tell you all about the most unlikely crew that ever sailed the Caribbean Sea. A bunch of dreamers and scumbags, led by even bigger idiots full of hopes of treasure and fame and glory.

After finding a Letter of marque on a pirate’s dead body, granting a ship and a mission worth a fortune, those fools decided to take the identity of the real privateer and claim the ship, and the prize. But they needed a crew, aint’hey? And quick! Problem was, they couldn’t tell their plan to real pirates, or they’d lose the mission to the advantage of more skilled and ruthless buccaneers. So they recruited a debatable, to say the least, group of people: some for glory, some for freedom, some for gold, some for adventure.

They all enlisted to pretend to be a pirate crew, take the ship, learn how to actually sail it, and then accomplish the King’s mission and take the treasure. Ridiculous, right?

And I haven’t told you best part yet… that was supposed to happen in 4 days!