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Raven Crew - A pirate tale - Terre Spezzate

Raven Crew - A pirate tale


A tall Ship and an Outpost in the Caribbean. A Pirate Adventure. A Clash of Civilizations.

Raven Crew is an adventure larp which allows players to choose between two different Role-Playing experiences. Half of the participants will be playing aboard the ship La Grace, that will sail the waters off the Tuscan coast. The other half will be playing on the shore, in a small trading outpost deep in the Caribbean. The event entails interactions between the two groups, and a shared ending.

“At the port, the fellowship of the Raven is waiting to get on board and face the waves' challenges; two rival crews hired for the same mission, the search for a legendary treasure…”

“The sailors know hazards don't come just from the sea… Grim threats impend on the Pirate society that rules this corner of paradise… ”

In Raven Crew you'll have to face hard choices and boundless horizons, choose your own destiny and the fate of the society you've built. Inspired to R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island and Jonathan E. Steinberg's and Robert Levine's Black Sails, Raven Crew is a Pirate experience not to be missed. - Raven Crew - April 2018



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