Play Style
“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias. England will never be civilized until she has added Utopia to her dominions.” (Oscar Wilde)
Our Style
Whether you are a larp veteran, or just someone who's just found an interest for this hobby, we’ve prepared for you a simple introduction to Keystone and the character choice that fits you at best!
Our Vision
Keystone is a larp, an interactive experience based on the free interpretation and acting of the participants. In a 19th-century villa staged up like a movie set you will wear the shoes of a character in the plot, pre-written by the staff and chosen by you. You will have to perform the character according to your own initiative and feelings, in the setting of the event.
Whatever action you want to make in the game, do it physically: the only limits are your will to play, common sense and the Italian law.

This larp is not about competition, but about cooperation.
Despite the esoteric plots, political intrigues, personal ambitions and social groups fighting each other, the goal of the event is to build and live all together a sumptuous common narration with a decaying but splendid style. The real goal of the game is to lose with elegance and pathos: a dramatic fail is way more fun and exciting than a clever victory.

The characters compete in Keystone but the players cooperate in the creation of an intense and fascinating drama. There will be no winners at the end of the event, just shaken players involved in what they’ve created and lived together.
Genre and Themes
Keystone is a Historical, Gothic, Mystery larp winking at the charming esoteric-masonic tradition in which Occult, Philosophy, Science and Politics melt together to no limits.
The main topic of this larp is Power in its many shapes and ways. We subtly invite you to explore those frail balances that push humans to dominate their kins or to submit to others’ will. What makes a human being powerful: moral authority, science, money, love, deceit, seduction, charisma? Maybe an intricate mesh of those things and many others is what creates double bonds between the characters making everybody Master and Slave at the same time, Victim and Butcher in a complex and delicate dance.
A Larp for Grown-ups
Keystone is R-rated. What we want to offer you is the best authentic and realistic experience a larp can give. You will face intense topics and scenes appropriate for grown-ups.
An Aesthetic Larp
Keystone’s goal is the majesty of the experience, the immersion in a rich and elegant setting, and telling a collective, emotional story. We will play together the rise and the fall of human but extraordinary characters, and we will live a rich and fascinating story that we trust won’t be easy to forget!