Introduction to Keystone

The human race is a poor herd of sheeps and the large majority of humanity hates making their own mind up. (Hermes Trismegistus)

Keystone is a one weekend long Live Action Role Play Game event settled at Villa Aggazzotti.

“You got an invitation for an intriguing mundane event in a magnificent country mansion. Take part to the late XIX century society for a weekend of intrigues and plots, where your actions will shape the Dawn of the New Century”

The British High Society meets. Following the eccentric Count of Scarborough’s invitation, the rich and powerful meet to celebrate his new Italian mansion, taking on this journey both servants and relatives. Though many masonic Lords see in this invitation a chance to reach their goals, no one wants to miss the occasion to see and criticize the sumptuous Masked Ball thrown by the landlord.

In a rich and lavish environment the characters can explore the topics and conflicts of the Victorian era facing the passions, the desires, the ambitions, the contradictions and the perversions of men and women, going to a new era weaving together a charming choral story.

The splendour of the XIX century parlors reflects the colonialist and industrial wealth, and hides secrets that each and everyone of you is called to reveal or keep hidden. The shining lights of development cast long shadows: secret societies plotting for power, social fights for human rights, ancient superstitions crawling from lost exotic worlds to the civilized Europe.
Can you really trust your long-time assistant or will he turn into an anarchic assassin? Will your sister consent to the marriage you’ve combined for her? Will you manage to come home with the best benefits for you and your masters or set yourself free from the great powers and work just for your profit?
What takes human beings to subdue to one another? Where will your thirst for power take you?

Cinematographic inspirations
Some of the movies and TV series we took inspiration for setting, aesthetics and topics: - Penny Dreadful (2014) - Downton Abbey (2010) - Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) - From Hell (2001) - Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) - Dangerous Liaisons (1988) - The Prestige (2006) - Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Vidocq (2001) - Eyes Wide Shut (1999).