Play Style

  • Be The Pirate You Feel!

Against All Flags is a Larp focused on role-playing and living within the experience. You can imagine being a character in a movie, with all ensuing feelings, drives, goals and fears. Whatever action you would like your character to carry out during the game, you’ll just do it for real! The only boundaries will be common sense and a set of simple rules on how to simulate what otherwise would be too dangerous or burdensome (fighting and injury, for example).

Beside that, the key guideline will be What You See Is What You Get. Our goal is to create an event that is as immersive as possible; everything that is a part of the story will have a physical representation.

In Against All Flags conflicts aren’t there for characters to pursue some sort of personal victory, but to explore and develop relationships between each other, to one goal: the collective building of an exciting story. A conflict scene should be as cinematic as possible, so as to be interesting and engaging – as much for the characters who are directly involved as for those standing around. We expect all players to be comfortable with the kind of verbal intensity and body contact you would see on a film set.


Against All Flags is a Larp designed to deliver the feeling of a tale where liberty and anarchy are the core of pirate life. It draws on the legends of Libertalia, the Sandokan series, the Black Corsair series and the Black Sails tv show. It has the flavour of pure adventure, with action, treasures, secrets, alliances and heroism.