• A bunch of the worst rascal and seafarer on the indian sea

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Against All Flags features 27 characters, all written by the author. Each character is designed to be more than just a name and a sum of traits. They are people and have their own personalities, beliefs, moral stances and ways to see the world.

We will provide a brief and public textual outline of each character, which will be available for everyone to read in advance. We will call this brief introduction a teaser. The teaser will only reveal enough of a character to get a general idea of it, providing enough interesting details to make an informed choice about what character you want to play, while staying spoiler-free.

The teaser represents just a fraction of a character's life and there is much more to discover, such as a secret past or an important emotional background. Once a player selects a character, they will, in due time, be granted access to the full description. No other player will be able to read this information: it will be your secret until the larp.

Due to a deliberate design choice, historical accuracy will overlook the gender segregation of the times: everyone will get to play any available role. We want to offer every participant the chance of playing a character they will love.
All the characters will be written as neutral; their names will be something like Indigo, Kimera, Papillon. Every player will be able to use just the given name (i.e. Indigo), or add to the character a first name of their own taste (i.e. Jane Indigo, or Bill Indigo).

Let’s take a look at some examples of teasers:


  • The dashing pirate with a penchant for recklessness
“I’m a man of fortune and must seek my fortune!”

Keywords: Adventure - Trouble - Loyalty


Being Captain Avery’s best friend has saved your ass more than once, or am I right Indigo? You filthy scum of a gambler. More than ready to wash away whatever fortune you land your hands on for a moment of excitement. You live for the next adrenaline rush, being it a bet, a brawl, or a noble and dangerous mission. You are the first to jump in the peril and the last to leave the battlefield. Your need for adventure is second only to the loyalty that you show for Captain Avery.


  • The gentlemen pirate with an angry temper
“Come and look for me here! You will meet the free Tiger, ready for anything, resolute for anything”

Keywords: Pride - Justice - Charm


Who took your land from you, Kimera? You remember. It was them, the English. Ever since then, you live to fight and destroy them. Someone would like you to be Captain, as they’d rather follow your lead in battle than the one of others. You shine with pride and fierceness, and are not willing to compromise the integrity of your beliefs. Maybe the time has come you took the place which is rightfully yours among the Comrades.


  • The ex-inmate with hands of gold
“Don’t ever let people that see what’s in your left hand, see what’s in the right!”

Keywords: Stealth - Bronze Face - Verve


The story of your escape from the most guarded prison of the Caribbean is told around the fire in places you don’t even dream of. Your wits and abilities are yet to be fully shown to the Comrades of Libertalia. One month you’ve been with them and you already have a clear idea of the issues at stake. You know that both your old crew and the new acquaintances will benefit enormously from your expertise. Let the games begin.


There will be family bonds according to the gender-neutral nature of characters, meaning there could be siblings, cousins, parents and children. While bonds are binding and players are expected to play them, their actual nuances are open to a more detailed characterization and they could lead to mutual or asymmetrical relationships.

Romantic relationships will be up to the players to decide: characters will have strong bonds, but the nature and the intensity of them will be decided by the players involved in the relationship. A strong positive relationship could be defined as friendship or love; a new positive acquaintance could be a fling, a flirt or just a mutual liking. Our goal is to allow people who love to play romance to do so, and people who don’t to adjust their relationships according to their taste.

Although all the characters come from Libertalia, they are originally from different European countries. Nationality will thus have an impact on some of their relationships. In any case, there will be no language barriers whatsoever: in Italian run, all the characters will speak in Italian; in the English run, all the characters will speak in English, regardless of the nationality of the characters or of the players.


In February 2023, each participant will be able to ask for their 5 favourite characters by filling out a form. We will then assign roles using an algorithm designed to (try to) satisfy players' requests as much as possible. Players who signed up as Associate Producers or Supporters will be prioritized by the algorithm.