• For God and Liberty!

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Libertalia, early 1697

I was there when Mission spoke for the first time in front of everyone.
I remember vividly that night in Ranter Bay, the first night of the rest of our lives.
The fierce eyes, the inspiring words, it all contributed in bringing us together as one, under the light of the setting sun.
I knew at that moment that I would follow the Captain to hell and back.
Mission’s words are seared in my heart and I will always stand by them:
“Every man is born free and has as much right to what would support him as to the air he respires. The vast difference between man and man, the one wallowing in luxury and the other in the most pinching necessity, is owing only to avarice and ambition on the one hand and a pusillanimous subjection on the other!”


Madagascar, 1682. It’s early spring when a group of pirates land in Ranter Bay. You only carry a few possessions with you, but your hearts tell you this is the place where your dreamed-of pirate colony will be born.

Upon setting the first group of tents, you choose the name LIBERTALIA: The Land of the Free. You all share the idea of a society in which people of all colours, creeds, and beliefs are to be free of any scrutiny. Here you can have your own new identity, and not one of a past country of origin.

You all agree to the common code of conduct.
You live in groups of 10 pirates each and divide everything among yourselves in an absolutely equitable way. Each group elects a Captain, who enacts the laws necessary to regulate Libertalia and forms a council with the other Captains.

You call yourselves Comrades and fight against authoritarian institutions, waging war against oppressive states and lawmakers, attacking their ships, taking prisoners and freeing slaves. You hate every abuse associated with wealth, be it the deed of a civil or religious institution or the act of a powerful individual.


The problem posed by the mere existence of Libertalia has occupied the minds and hearts of many individuals and institutions for years. The time has finally come when your enemies have managed to tighten their grip on the region and found new ways to overwhelm you.

Under the command of its Admiral, Libertalia’s fleet is lured far away from the settlement and constantly engaged in direct confrontations, which prevent it from returning home. Left without any ship, you struggle to defend yourselves from the attacks of officials and the local population, fomented against you.
When you’re finally chased away by an endless mob, you find yourselves without means to fight. There’s only one way to survive: flee. There’s only one way to flee: steal a ship.
Stranded in a shallow secluded bay and hidden by thick vegetation, there is La Grace, the ship of a group of pirates who had joined Libertalia just a month before. They don’t want to free the ship and wouldn’t tell why, but it’s your only hope. You MUST escape the raging mob closing on you.

Your journey aboard La Grace starts under a grim sky. You had to fight against fellow Comrades to take possessions of the ship. Most of those who opposed you now lie in chains below deck, some of them have not been so lucky. Moreover, the ship could only carry a few of you and the available spots have been assigned in a way that some of you consider against the Code you all swore to obey.
And then there’s the matter of what to do next. Not an easy one. Some want to look for Libertalia’s fleet, some want to abandon the region, some want to turn around and fight your enemies.
There’s only one thing for sure: your enemies have not yet given up on destroying you, and are closing by.

Three groups of pirates with three Captains leading them, and very different ideas.
Will you be able to overcome your doubts and fears to defeat those who seek your destruction? Will the Code be once again followed to find a solution to the grave situation you find yourselves in, or will personal interests take the upper hand, now that the dream of Libertalia seems lost?