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 Sumptuous Surprising Outrageous

The year is 1888. The place is the 18th century villa of the late scientist Amedeo Avogadro.The extravagant and known freemason Lord Scarborough has invited the most eminent members of the European high society, along with artists, intellectuals and rather whimsical guests, with the servants in their wake, to attend a posh and mysterious meeting.
In a fervent era of technological innovation, colonial conquests, exotic and decadent taste, uprising struggles for social rights both for women and lower classes, the first and the last in Society will experience on their skin what really is Power.


Chiave di Volta (Keystone) is designed to offer an aesthetic and rich experience: gorgeous visuals, sophisticated character design and accurate historical fiction are the main ingredients of this larp. Chiave di Volta mixes three genres: history, gothic, mystery and also gives a nod to the fascinating esoteric-masonic tradition. It frames an historical period in which Occult, Philosophy, Politics and Science mix up to confuse the borders. The theme explored by this event is Power, in its manifold forms. The invitation is to explore which material or psychological balance drive people to dominate or to submit to others.
What is it that makes a human being powerful? Knowledge, the moral authority, science, money, love, deception, seduction, charisma? Or perhaps rather an intricate network of these and other factors, which bind to double strand the protagonists of our story, making each character Master and Servant at the same time, Victim and Executioner, in a complex and delicate role game.
Chiave di Volta is an adult larp, featuring very intense and disturbing scenes and aiming to shock, break taboos, surprise and thrill the participants. 


When: October 9 - 11 and 16-18, 2015 
Where: Villa Avogadro (late residence of Amedeo Avogadro), Biella, Italy
Length: 20 hours game time in 4 acts, 3 days total 
Players: 65 + 15 playing only the third act, per run
Participation fee: €68 regular price for servants characters, €93 for high society characters, €47 subsidized price + 25€ to 65€ optional price for sleeping inside the villa. 
Game mechanics: Act Structure, Pre-written characters, Play to Lose, Pre-larp Workshops, Light use of the Fate play, Experimental diegetic black box called “The Opium Den”, set as a sensorial room to experience hallucinations.
Credits: Daniele Cristina, Chiara Tirabasso (main organizers), Cristina Jon, Martina Codognotto, Arianna Busti, Fabio Rebecchi, Enrico Francese, Daniele Dagna, Sonia Solci, Daniele Porta, Francesco Pregliasco. Marco Ascanio Viarigi, Francesco Beccalossi (scenography, make-up  and special effects).

Larp website (in Italian) :

Photos from the larp: gallery by Luca Tenaglia