Yours will be the face of a people who lived Chile’s darkest hours.

DESAPARECIDOS is a LARP focused on role-playing and living within the experience. You can imagine being a character in a movie, with all ensuing feelings, drives, goals and fears. Whatever action you would like your character to carry out during the game, you’ll just do it for real! The only boundaries will be common sense and a set of simple rules on how to simulate what otherwise would be too dangerous or burdensome (fighting and injuries, for example). Our goal is to create an event that is as much immersive as possible; everything that is a part of the story will have a physical representation.

DESAPARECIDOS is reserved to an adult public. Themes like human rights violation, violence, torture, sexual and psychological abuse will be portrayed during the game in a safe environment throughout the use of safe words and a safe space to release the intensity of the game. Rules and personal boundaries are going to be enforced and guaranteed.
Although the strong topics listed above are going to be represented, they are not the focus of the larp, but a mean to develop the key of the larp: a social memory of the dramatic events that happened in Chile. Abuses are going to be simulated, and are not an end in themselves but a mean to expose how, in some historic and social context, have been a way to control and oppress opposition. Particularly, torture and physical violence will be both used as an instrument to gain access to personal secrets, as well as a weapon to destroy individuality. Each player will be able to choose whether to live these themes as a victim or a perpetrator, or as a spectator. Sleep or food deprivation are not going to be part of the experience, although lodgings, food and comfort will be approached differently according to the chosen group of play. Therefore prisoners might experience some mild level of discomfort compared to the other groups. This as well as more safety measures will be further developed in the Design Document and implemented during the game and appropriate workshops and after-larp debriefing. We underline that a larp is not the right setting to force one own’s boundaries, or to push other people’s. For the time being, if are curious about our play style, here you can read some details about other larps we created in the past. Every larp is different, but we think you can get some insight: Icarus Design Document , Raven crew Design Document , Dracarys players guide .