Quiet middlemen, privileged assistants, international guests with hidden agendas are involved
with the regime, represented by the armed soldiers, the “carabineros”, and the dangerous DINA.

“The country is safe, because we have a good intelligence service.” A. Pinochet

Professional soldiers, carabineros, DINA agents, they are both the armed and political representatives of the regime. Cold and calculative, but also cruel and violent, they are respected by some and feared by everyone. Between them there are loyal officials, but also ambitious and ruthless men. They are the repression iron fist, in charge of keeping order in the name of public safety. They are tasked with suppressing any opposition which could undermine or harm the government, defending Chile from the dissidents and the Marxist threat.

“Not a single leaf moves in this country if I'm not the one moving it.” A. Pinochet

The official representatives of the regime have also quiet shadows: they are the eyes and ears who can open many doors and get behind any shut one. They are silent witness of what happens in the rooms of power. They have a privileged position, one of safety even if they still answer to the military. They support the regime, either out of convenience and ambition, or for their ideals. Due to their position they are independent and can freely move, knowing that no one is ever really safe, no matter how highly placed their friends are or who they work for.

We want to help, not to undermine you. You did a great service to the West in overthrowing Allende. Otherwise Chile would have followed Cuba.” Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State for the United States

Americans, Italians and secret agents working for foreign governments. The communist threat brings many and different figures to Chile, all ready to leverage their own interests. They are official representative of Governments, but also spies in service of someone else; they are foreign parties intervening into Chile’s national affairs. They are silent accomplices or involuntary witnesses of the events happening in Villa Grimaldi, powerless critics or loyal supporters of what happens behind the doors of the clandestine detention center.