There are 70 spots in the international run of DESAPARECIDOS. Sign-up will start from August 17th . In order to Sign Up, you’ll have to fill out a form, and send us a down payment of 50€ through paypal. If you get a spot the downpayment is non-refundable.

In case we end up having more people signing up than available spots, Associate Producers will have a guaranteed place. Supporters will be prioritized during the lottery, but we will still guarantee 40% of ordinary or discounted tickets.


Before Sept, 20th we’ll write back to everyone, confirming who has got a spot and who has not. People who can't find a spot are welcome in the waiting list, aka the “lanzarillo” group (see Paragraph below). At least 80% of the spots in the International run will be reserved to non-Italian native speakers.


We decided that the Italian run will be somewhat cheaper than the International run. This is both because we anticipate the English run to have more interested participants, and because we think it is fair to reward our recurring players, therefore, all tickets for the Italian run cost 45€ less than their International equivalents.

Ordinary ticket: 230€. Includes food & lodging.
Supporter ticket: 290€. It grants priority in character selection, and some glory in the eyes of the Gods of Larping.
Associate Producer ticket: 350€. It ensures you get a spot in the larp, no matter what. Moreover, it grants priority over Supporters in character selection, the ability to ask customization and edits to your character, and other minor benefits. It grants even more glory!

New players: 230€, 8 tickets reserved per run. It is the same as the ordinary ticket, we just want to make sure that some people who never larped before get the chance to play DESAPARECIDOS.
Under 25: for players under 25, 175€, 7 tickets per run.
Subsidized, for players who feel they lack money and deserve a helping hand: we decided to offer subsidized tickets at 190€, one for each Associate Producer.

You will pay the rest of the fee, in cash, during the earliest Terre Spezzate larp you attend. That means you will pay either:

- directly at DESAPARECIDOS, before we start; or

- at Terre Spezzate larp: “SANCTUM - a Sunfall larp” (Sept 13-16, 2018).

If you are a recurring player – that is, if you already played 2 or more Terre Spezzate larps before DESAPARECIDOS – you are exempt from the down payment.

If you cancel before October, 12th 2018, we will withhold the down payment only.
If you cancel before November, 14th 2018, we will withhold the down payment and half of the remaining amount.
If you cancel after November, 14th 2018, we reserve the right to withhold the entire payment. We'll still try to give you back what we can afford, so if you cancel, please inform us as soon as you can.

Once you’ve read character “teasers”, you will be able to select your top 7 favourite characters.
We will then assign characters blindly: that is, we will not take into consideration who is playing whom, but we’ll just use an algorithm to satisfy as many players as possible.
A few people might still get a character that is not in their top 7. This is unavoidable, but we will also ask you to exclude 3 characters that you really do not want to play and you’ll be sure that in no case you’ll have to play those.
We believe this system will minimize disappointment and ensure that virtually all players get a character they like.
Associate Producers will ask for their character from November, 28th.
Supporters will then choose their character (among those not taken by Associate Producers) from December, 1st
Ordinary participants will then choose their character (among those not taken by Supporters) from December, 5th.
Every participant will get the full description of their character around the first days of January 2018.

Waiting lists rarely work well in larps, especially in international ones, because typically players need to book plane tickets in advance. Therefore, we’ll use the following system, to ensure that everyone in the waiting list can be sure they’ll be at the larp, and make travel arrangements accordingly.

If you sign up to the larp, but we can’t give you a spot, we will offer you the option to get in the Waiting List, aka the “lazarillo” group. We will ask you to pay for the “lazarillo” ticket, which costs 160€. When we have cancellations, we will offer the available spots to “lazarillo”. If you replace a missing character, you will be able to play the larp without paying anything more than your reduced “lazarillo” ticket.

If there are not enough cancellations (or if you don’t like the character to be replaced), you can still attend the larp, playing a “lazarillo”.
As a “lazarillo” you will not receive a full character sheet, but only a group description, a character concept, tasks and some goals.
This ticket follows the same rules of payment of the other tickets (see the payment paragraph for details).