DESAPARECIDOS si going to be set in Castrignano di Langhirano, near Parma. Villa Grimaldi is going to be reproduced in the “Casa Don Celestino Bertogalli”, a rectory that belongs to the beautiful church “Pieve di Santa Maria”, an ancient romanic building dated to 1000 A.C. which is built atop of a hill, in a secluded environment with a wonderful view of the Appennini.
You can peek at “Villa Grimaldi” and its surroundings here

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“Pieve di Santa Maria”
Via Mascherpa, Langhirano

Coordinates are 44.607671, 10.216917
The location is a rural stone house and it’s going to be heated, but we are still in the Appennini mountains and we therefore advise players to have thermal layers underneath their costumes and to dress accordingly to low external temperatures and the chance of snow. Nights are going to be in-game, but sleep will be assured to everyone from 2 A.M. to 6. A.M.
Accommodations are going to be in beds, bunk beds or camping beds; it’s going to be necessary to bring alongside either a sleeping bag or linens and a blanket, in addition to towels. Dissidents might experience some mild level of discomfort but no sleep deprivation will be ensued.

A “larp bus” is going to be implemented in the following months, costing between 15-20 euros per person for a round-trip ticket; prices will depend on demand and on station of departure, either Milan (most probable) or Reggio Emilia (which is served by High Speed trains from Milan and Bologna).

Here you will find a form, where you can state the airport and timetable of your flights, if you need a sleeping bag and your dietary restriction.
About the bus: it will be to/from Malpensa with probably a stop in Linate. If you are landing to Bergamo, please, let us know in the form, so that we can help you arrange your journey.

If you are travelling by car you will need to leave it in Langhirano, from where we will set a pick up service; further informations will be developed in the Design Document.


The international run is going to be on February, 1-3 2019, from Friday to Sunday.
The below schedule might be subject to changes as soon as we book the larp-bus.

1 Feb, Friday:
2 PM, greetings and registration; pictures will be also taken;
3 P.M, Workshop will start and will include a light snack;
7 P.M. the game will start and will run without interruptions until Sunday

3 Feb, Sunday:
12 P.M. the game will end
12 to 3 P.M. debriefing, pictures and after-larp party (with food and hugs!)


In-game meals will be as historic and as “local” as possible, as part of the experience: traditional Chilean recipes will be reproduced but do take into consideration that even if there will be no food shortage for anyone, some players might receive different meals according to their group of play.

Meals included in the ticket:

- a light snack during during friday afternoon
- all the in-game meals from friday evening to sunday breakfast
- an after-larp party

Vegetarian options will be available, while we won’t be able to consider vegan or celiac dietary. If you have any special need you can leave your food with us and will keep it safely stored for you.
Please warn us on any serious allergy, writing to THIS MAIL


DESAPARECIDOS is set in the mid ‘70s and therefore the typical fashion of the period is advised.
We suggest to dress accordingly to the group of play and character’s social extraction; particularly keep in mind that Chilean society had a deep revenue and social gap, therefore there were only a few rich, privileged, people, while many more were poor and tied to the working or peasant class.

Further informations regarding “the regime” and “the clergy” will be implemented.

Dissidents: they might come from the lowest class of society or from the literary bourgeois. They acted in secret and anonymously, therefore mimetics are not advised.
They were mainly common people, keep that in mind while choosing your costume.

Regime: they come from the military or the high ranks of society. Both Villa Grimaldi personnel and the international guests should dress appropriately: formally, with a business attire. Militares will wear uniforms according to their rank.

The only exception is the DINA: they work undercover, therefore they should follow the guidelines for the dissidents and dress like common people, with personal touches to give them away, if wanted.

Clergy: while the Holy See envoys might dress as priests, others might want to wear daily clothing, especially the ones coming from Chile: these should follow the guidelines given to the dissidents.

Here you can find a work-in-progress inspirational pinterest board