Guerrilleros armed with bullets, artists and intellectuals singing and writing a country’s hope, politicians keeping alive a dead democracy, common citizens fighting for their own ideas; they all oppose an oppressive and violent regime.


“No elections: armed fight is the only way!” MIR motto

The MIR is an extreme leftist movement opposing capitalism and tied to class warfare. It’s the violent hand of the resistance to the regime. Its members are city “guerrilleros” ready to die for the cause: to crush the dictatorship. They are revolutionaries, man and women of different social extraction who fights for peasants and workers rights and for the less fortunate, focused on building a better and fairer society through popular insurrection and armed fight. To the MIR even democracy is just another face of the richests’ tyranny that chains Chile to the US capitalist system and domination; an armed struggle is the only way to free the country.

We buried our democracy, we buried our freedom.” I. Allende

ormer politicians coming from banned political parties and dismantled by the Military Junta’s decrees, they constitute a peaceful opposition, still considered illegal and therefore dangerous. Professors, teachers, as well as artists, poets, singers and journalists who try to resist the censorship and restrictions to freedom of speech and expression, are all labeled as threatening dissidents. They are different figures, tied by hope and the desire of seeing democracy restored through an organized, politicized, peaceful resistance, spurning any form of violence, either from the regime or from the MIR.

“Tyranny cuts off the singer's head, but the voice from the bottom of the well returns to the secret springs of the earth and rises out of nowhere, through the mouths of the people.” Pablo Neruda

Common people, men and women, wives and husbands, mothers, daughters and sons. They are the main characters of a hidden resistance, silent and deeply dramatic and tragic. They fight to keep their loved ones safe, or to find and reunite them. They secretly cooperate with the other members of the resistance, endangering themselves and their families. They are innocent, unjustly accused of being dissidents because of untimely opinions, or out of personal revenge and spite. Each and everyone of them hides different stories, but they are together as silent comrades against the regime, in the name of their loved ones, of freedom, or of the regime’s armed and brutal force.