“As it’s natural after a coup d’etat, there has been undeniably bloodshed during the mopping up procedures in Chile.” Monsignor Benelli, Segretario di Stato Vaticano

Coming from Rome and far from the Chilean reality, the high representatives of the Holy See are formal supporters of Pinochet’s regime, in fear of a widespread, common and far more dangerous threat: Communism. What will they do when the dissidents’ screams will be so loud that not even the Word of God will rise above them? The regime propaganda and the fear of leftist wings will clash against ethic and faith, while dynamics of power will struggle against morality and the christian principles of human dignity. To whom will they answer? To whom will they be faithful? To men, to God or to themselves?

“Blood has reddened our streets, the blood of soldiers and of the people; together with the tears of women and children.” Raùl Silva Enriquez, Cardinal of Santiago

Daily witnesses of the Chilean people’s misery, of their struggle for a piece of bread, for medical care, or for a work to provide for their families, priests and nuns living in Chile are close to the dramas of the common men and women. They therefore either openly oppose the regime, becoming dissidents themselves, or they are reluctant advocates trying to protect their people. They struggle against high clergymen or members of the Government, as they either stare helpless, or become victims to the regime themselves.