DESAPARECIDOS is an event designed for 70 pre-written characters. They will all have a personality, strong traits, some public relationships, and more secrets that will only be revealed in the complete sheet. In the following months we will publish “teasers”: short, but detailed and effective descriptions, which will enable players to choose their own character. These public informations are going to be spoiler-free and will be only one a small part of the character’s true nature: secrets, goals, or traumas will be released with the full description. No other player will be able to read these informations, they will be your secret until the larp starts.

Groups gameplay
Dissidents: they oppose the regime. Players choosing a dissident will experience a highly dramatic game, made of submission but also of resistance. They will struggle between ideals and surviving, choosing between their loved ones and love for their country. They will face themes of betrayal and will be subject to torture, physical and psychological abuses. They might be either true revolutionaries or innocent people unjustly accused. Players who will play a dissident will experience some mild level of discomfort compared to those of the other participants. They might sleep in less comfortable accommodations and receive different food. However, there will not be any sleep deprivation or shortage of food or water.

Regime: they support the regime. Players choosing a member of the establishment will be the main perpetrators of violence and abuse, both physical and psychological. They will face conflicts between duty to their country and the cruel acts they will commit, either by choice or force, or which they might witness. Characters will be torn between their humanity and the one they will be asked to destroy, discovering how far they are willing to go for personal gain or for their country. Players will have a game made of violence, but also, as the powerful elite, they will experience hierarchic struggles, politics, scheming and spying.

Clergy: they might be either supporting or opposing the regime. Players will be part of the Catholic Church on chilean soil. They will live the dynamics of power and authority, but also deep conflicts of conscience, torn between their own faith, the Holy See interests and the atrocities they might witness. Religion will clash with personal convenience, characters will face strong ethical and moral dilemmas; the choices they will make will give them an active role potentially as dissidents, or even as victims or perpetrators of human dignity violation themselves.