An all-inclusive event in an amazing hotel on the Alps. A larp that is also a holiday. “An exclusive island at 2000mt above sea level, far away from the city chaos and the summer heat, two steps away from Paradise!”

“An exclusive island at 2000mt above sea level, far away from the city chaos
and the summer heat, two steps away from Paradise!”
The venue for the larp is the Baita della Luna, in Località Sagnalonga, 22, Cesana Torinese. A charming and full comfort hotel in a breathtaking plateau among the mountains, surrounded by nature. Besides the bedrooms, all with private bathroom included, the resort has a huge restaurant room with fireplace, a sun terrace, a game room with a pool table, a functioning bar, a restaurant terrace and several lounge areas. The hotel is the only touristic venue in the area and therefore also the amazing surroundings will be available during the larp for strolling, sun bathing and, of course, playing.

More than a larp, a real holiday!
Demetra will be played twice:
Italian Run from Saturday the 27th to Monday the 28th
International Run from Thursday the 1st to Saturday the 4th
Both the runs will start in the early afternoon of the first day and end around lunch time of the third day. Exact schedule will be released with the Design Document (around March), but for now the approximate program is:

Day 1 (Saturday the 27th / Thursday the 1st)
Arrival in the morning - check in and workshops
Out of Game Lunch
Early afternoon: final workshop and beginning of the larp

Day 2
Larp time

Giorno 3 (Monday the 29th / Saturday the 3rd)
Morning - larp time
Afternoon - Time out, relax and after party for the International players
The players will sleep in comfortable rooms (2 to 4 guests per room) with bathroom, half of them with a charming terrace looking at the mountain landscape. You will enjoy a very nice accomodation included in the larp price.

The event has no breaks, sleeping will be in game during the larp, but proper resting hours will be granted. Between 2am and 8 am it’s forbidden to make noise and disturb in the sleeping quarters up floor, we strongly recommend to use these hours to rest.

The rooms are provided with blankets and pillows; bedlinen and towels should be brought by the participants. If you have problems with your luggage, we’ll try to help you bringing some extra ones.
The larp price includes all the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and beverages served during the game and the after party. Food will be cooked and served according to the posh and sophisticated attire of the larp, there will be both vegetarian and vegan options and a moderate amount of alcohol such as wine, cocktails, spirits and beer. We expect all the participants to behave as adults: drunkenness will not be tolerated and the staff members will impose out of game breaks to anyone who might overindulge in drinking; furthermore, troublesome behaviour will lead any participant to their immediate removal from the event. There is also a bar in the hotel where you will be able to buy extra beverages, coffee and tea if you want to.

Before the larp you will receive a google form asking to point out food allergies. The Kitchen is one ambient only, therefore it will be impossible to meet the requirements for severe intolerances due to contamination such as celiac disease. We suggest the players to provide their own food that will be carefully kept separated by the kitchen staff and served in-game.
Since it’s summertime and the location is highly touristic, we encourage you to consider prolonging your stay and enjoy a couple of extra days on the Italian Alps. Strolling and hiking in nature, tours to the historical fortifications and charming villages, the delicious mountain cuisine, the tibetan bridge and the via ferrata (a protected climbing route) are only some of the nice options available to spend some time away from summer heat with friends, old and new ones.

If you are interested in staying a little longer, arriving a couple of days before the beginning of the larp, we can arrange sport activities and tours in the area, enogastronomic tasting and even short cooking lessons to teach you how to make some easy recipes of the Italian mountain cuisine. Among the staff members we have a certified wine taster and several cooks to help you add a little holiday in typical Italian style to the larp.
The location is a very secluded Alpine plateau surrounded by nature, in winter is reachable only by chairlift, in summer by a gravel road. To keep the outdoor area close to the hotel as pristine as possible, it will not be allowed to arrive to the hotel directly with cars. Participants can reach the village of Claviere and park there, or take the larp bus from Torino that we will arrange (International run only).

Once arrived in Claviere, to reach the larp venue there will be two options:
  • A shuttle to bring up your luggage and a nice 4,4km walk in nature (about 90 minutes, and 200m uphill)
  • A shuttle to bring both you and your luggage to the hotel.
  • Help us with shuttling players: if you come by car, and want to park it next to the hotel. Up to 3 people will be allowed to do so, in exchange for shuttling to the hotel 8 other players (ie, 2 trips) in addition to their own passengers. Please note that you do not need an off-road vehicle or a SUV, but you do need to be at ease with driving on an unpaved road, and navigating the occasional rock.
You will receive a questionnaire to book extra days in the location, extra activities, larp bus ticket and extra bed linen/towels; and to tell us about food allergies.