The Demetra costumes are based on the 50s and 60s taste. Class, charme, elegance: the attention to good taste and style in fashion, typical of those decades, are the guidelines for the protagonists of Demetra.

The Demetra costumes are based on the 50s and 60s taste.
“A man can wear whatever he wants
for he will always be a woman’s optional.”

(Coco Chanel)

After the “Van Allen” disaster and the resulting social drift many facts hadn’t happened in this history: no sexual revolution shook the 1968 and no miniskirt changed the feminine dress code. Once the wealth got stable again, the sense of fashion pointed to that time full of hope that were the ‘50s: knee-length skirts and frill fabrics for a celebration of femininity. Women don’t feel like changing outfits that make them feel beautiful and comfortable. The male dress code goes along, elegance and taste are glorified: the classy Cary Grant’s style coexist with the sensual and transgressive Marlon Brando and James Dean looks.

Considering the dystopian nature of this event and the return of the vintage among trends, it will be very easy to set up a beautiful outfit made with “historically incorrect”, and yet larp appropriate, garments for both men and women. You can take some hints from this Pinterest gallery.

We’ll also create a Facebook group for advices and hints: the staff will be happy to help you! The referee for fashion explanations and support is Barbara Crivelli.
Femininity is the keyword. You can wear a flared dress with petticoat, an elegant pencil skirt or whatever highlights your best assets. Pants will be fine as well: fitted with a pois print or cushy in monochrome - maybe in a cream white color. The evergreen “capri” pants were born during this corner of time. You can easily find affordable 50s garments in a lot of webshops. Also, designers and maisons often relaunch old lines and vintage fabrics in their collections. Dare to stand in a crowd wearing bright colors, floral prints and the pois - a true must from the 50s! You can also use belts, lace gloves, pochettes, foulards, and hats that emphasize your face.

Style, charm and elegance are the basic ‘50s male fashion diktat. A polo and comfy pants or shorts for the barbecue, an elegant suit for the restaurant and the movies. Hat, blouse, coat and tie are a must for important events. Cuffed jeans and t-shirt or sporty blouse are good for casual wear, best if matched with a cardigan or a leather jacket. The aggressive Danny Zucco style is very representative. Remember: men dress to make the best impression in every way!

The details are always looked after: elegant shoes, boots and loafers will be fine. A nice hat can enrich every outfit and don’t forget to give yourself some more retro touch adding straps, bow ties, watches and cufflinks to your setup. It’s so easy you might even have something useful in your wardrobe… if not, you can have a look at flea markets and clothing chain hipsters collections, but don’t forget to search fathers and grandpas closets first: they can be a true goldmine for a full retro outfit!