The exclusive party organized by Demetra gathers the world celebrities, successful industry managers, the press, a court of male entertainers, but also a bunch of lucky proletarian women who won a prize trip. Find out who’s going to attend the event of the year.

The characters of Demetra are about 90, every one of them written by the organizers. A public teaser reveals the name, group, bonds and basic personality type of each character. Every character has a personality, a role, moral and religious beliefs, personal opinions about the society and other characters they know. Everyone has positive and negative relations, bright and dark sides to discover, struggles and ambitions to explore.
Women have the official power.
Men have the hidden one.
Although in our dystopian world women hold the leading positions, male characters will have several shades of game to explore, whether they are a toyboy, the real power behind a woman or an underestimated assistant.
We will release the public teasers during springtime along with a google form to express your preferences. After that you will receive private information about your character, including a short group background, bonds with other characters, personality, ambitions, background and some hints to start your play. You will get an email once we release the teasers, then when it’s time to fill the form and choose your character, and when all the complete characters informations are available.
Several characters in Demetra have a whole undercover role, such as a corporate spy or a criminal hiding from the law. Clearly, we can’t state something like that in the teaser. If you're intrigued by the idea of playing one of such roles, regardless of the character's psychology and work group, you can apply for the one(s) you prefer. Each mystery character secretly corresponds to a specific character, but in that case its teaser represents the way the character is perceived by others, its public persona. The real concept of the character is mainly the mysterious one and you’ll get the whole picture once you’ll read the complete character sheet. Example: if you really want to play a spy you'll just apply for playing "any spy" rather than asking for a specific character described in the teasers. If you get "the spy" we'll tell you that Keith Sanders, the friendly bartender, is actually a corporate spy undercover. At that point, *you won't be able to change the selection*. Keith Sanders will be your character and we'll ask you to pretend you wanted to play the friendly bartender from the beginning, what other people think you are.
Demetra’s 50th anniversary party is almost ready and the guest list is pretty long. Some participants are of course the ruthless elite of the Demetra management group, holding the company flag high in this important meeting; but there will be also some sharks from their rising merciless competitor, the Russian company named Mokoš.

The Employees and Laborers of the year will be welcome as well, for their efforts are the emblem of Demetra’s success. Obviously this joyful occasion must be accurately covered by the journalists of the Press..

Prestigious Guestsfrom the showbiz and their personal staff are not going to miss this one.

Rumors are spreading about what kind of Entertainers will be invited this year. Models, escorts and gladiators accurately chosen for their fresh charm.

The names of the most influential Eminences of the New Reformed Church, are on the list as well, because Demetra believes it’s unwise to disregard the spirit in worldly occasions, Faith must be held in the right place and bless the wheat that feeds the Earth.

The safety of the powerful people invited is a top priority, and it’s guaranteed by the most efficient security guard corp available on the market, the Elite Security Services.
The Demetra Management
Chase your goal and win everything!
Not everybody knows:
It was the proud heads of the Demetra who organized the 50th anniversary party, women and men versed in playing the industrial intelligence chessboard. This party is no less important than a crucial advertising campaign, and it’s being taken care of with unprecedented zealous care, similar perhaps to the time when the cereal that saved the world was announced to the public. This year, something special is in store! At the helm there is Mrs. Catherine Rothschild, daughter of the Demetra’s founder. Her control over the food giant is unquestionable, too bad her offspring is just one only male son.

"I'd never work in the upper management. It's a snake nest, all about power struggles. Who can you trust in such a competitive environment? Even the few men working there seem to be of the same kind. Personal assistants, underlings and all the secretaries are uppity - and they shouldn’t be allowed to such behaviour. But, as they say, behind a great Woman there’s a great Man. I wouldn't be surprised if those guys were the ones whispering advices and suggestions to the ears of who, in the end, controls the world."

The Mokoš Management
We know what you really want.
Not everybody knows:
The little Russian company called Mokoš challenges Demetra’s monopoly power, under the guide of revolutionary ruthless women. A man sits at the management table - a one of a kind event, judged as immoral and dangerous by many women, including most of the ones working for Mokoš. In any case, this brand grew strong and its revolutionary patents got the attention of customers, press, and above all, the Demetra.

"A man at the high places! May God forbid it! Everybody knows they are not as clever as women. I'm sure it's a simple marketing operation to let people talk about it. Those Mokoš people are so bold giving the illusion women and men have equal opportunities, and those who truly believe it are delusional, fools. Many people say that their working men are treated worse than ever. And what a joke, to invite the Mokoš to their competitor’s 50th anniversary party! Unless it's just a way to set an informal meeting up, I guess. Maybe it's about a fusion! This would be a really good score for the Demetra. A tasty bite indeed... but what if it is poisoned?"

The Prestigious Guests
Real death comes when nobody talks about you.
Not everybody knows:
The Demetra party gathers all the most prominent women of the civilized world, to renew and nurture the network of influential friends. The most gifted minds, the most famous women in showbusiness, the best athletes in history and, last but not least, the two leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties with their husbands, both on the run for the presidency. Politics and business, public and private interests are tangled as always: all of those women know that they will disappear without Demetra’s support, but the opposite is also true: Demetra would struggle and drown without them.

"I wonder what those trusted secretaries and partners could reveal about those celebrities... What to they hide behind their public image? What happens when the cameras are off? I'd like to have a nice secretary to get laid with whenever I want, or an elegant supportive husband helping my career in unconventional ways."

Elite Security Services (ESS)
Discipline, Order and Loyalty!
Not everybody knows:
Demetra security is managed by a private militia, women who have undergone a brutal military training. The Corps is their way of life, their Squad is their family. They are tasked with acting as the operative arm, and the firm and stern hand, of Mother Demetra. They are not afraid of doing the dirty work. Actually, sometimes they are even too eager. Guided by Commander Marie Hartman, a true icon of courage and honor, the members of the Squad are steadfast supporters of the current social hierarchy and the imprint that the Demetra forced on the Planet.

“Men in the army? Bullshit! They tried to slip a few into the ESS, but they quickly figured out how things really work around here. Those wankers wanted to wear the colors of the Guards, but we’ve put them right in their place. Now they are video surveillance techs, or database operators. Only women can do the job - the real job.”

The employees of the year
There is a solution to every problem, if you know where to find it.
Not everybody knows:
R&D, is where most of the employees invited to Demetra’s anniversary party come from. It had never happened before, so this is one of the year’s novelties. Normally these workers are hardly seen around, their offices and labs are located far away from the other corporate facilities. Demetra Management chose to invite them to the gilded party to testify hard work always rewards. After all, it was a humble coworker in the scientific branch who discovered the resistant wheat that saved the world, wasn’t it? And it was a mere employee who became the right-hand woman of the Administrative Manager, wasn’t it? Then again, it was a simple researcher who found the real cause of the Martha Chase plague, wasn’t it?

“This is so unfair! Everybody knows that only the well-connected get to work in Development. There are a handful of people from HR and Tech as well among the guests, but this is just not to trigger bad moods. It’s well known those genius lab rats have the highest wages and almost the same benefits of the management. And what for? Inventing a new kind of flour? It’s just the same stuff as last year in a different packaging!”

The Laborers
They talk about the dignity of work. Bullshit.
Not everybody knows:
Demetra’s annual corporate lottery awarded a department of laborers the chance to join the company’s 50th anniversary party. Women and (very few) men who keep the production going through their hard work on the factory floor. Strong and proud women who rolled up their sleeves and became “the company’s most important asset”, as their Forewoman often says. Only few men can stand the toil in this department, and they are usually moved to jobs that fit their gender better.

“People say we are lucky. Lucky for what? Breaking our backs for minimum wage? Struggling to make the ends meet? At the end of the day, only the rich get everything they want. Fuck you. What do they want us there for? To put us on display behind a glass?”
“Loser women. They failed to climb the career ladder and now they whine they don’t have enough. They take to the streets asking for more, but they are just frustrated women, incapable of finding a mate and starting a family. I can’t understand why the Management wants them at the party so badly. I’m sure something’s up.”

The Press
Those who control the media, rule the world.
Not everybody knows:
Being part of the independent Press is enthralling but full of big responsibilities. People must be informed about the most important facts with professionalism and zeal, giving them news and details on relevant topics. News must be spread with careful attention, filtering the falseness that some people try to disseminate with the intent of destabilising the public opinion. Protecting the people from liars and agitators is a true journalist’s duty. The Press got a big mobilitation for the Demetra’s 50th anniversary. Top journalists of the most important newspapers, along with their assistants, will be there to cover the event; well aware that somebody is always willing to make a move to influence their opinion.

“Everyone knows that the news say nothing before politicians, Demetra or the Church have approved. What do you think you know about the truth? Go on believing in everything they say, the only thing that matters is tending your own backyard, trusting that hunger won’t knock on your door again.”

The Entertainers
The show must go on.
Not everybody knows:
The public persona is everything in a slick society where appearance equals substance, and public opinion can make or destroy someone’s future. Even the powerful Demetra can’t avoid such unwritten rules, so the 50th anniversary party had to be glorious in each and every way. To this very purpose, many talented entertainers have been hired: famous models, escorts and fine waiters. A gladiator match has been announced, and those popular fighters are always enthusiastically welcomed by the crowds, as they represent what once was men proper virility.

“Oh girl, it will be a great party for sure! You never know what truly hides behind those men’s smiles, or what they’d be willing to do to follow their ambition. Recent history is full of women that have lost their mind, their money or their reputation for one of those tasty pieces of meat. And don’t make me start to talk about the gladiators: thousands of women fall for them, and people say they must be full of meds to look that strong, vigorous and young… but God how I’d want to meet them, and husband doesn’t need to know, right?”

The New Reformed Church
Deus dedit, Deus abstulit: sit nomen Domini benedictum!
Not everybody knows:
Like a new construction built on the old one’s foundation, the New Reformed Church was born from the world crisis that shaped the new Era. The food was scarce but the faith hanged in there, and eventually it came out stronger than before. People needed hope, and guidance, the Church provided both. A new order made of strong women had risen, religious leaders who welcomed and nurtured hopes and fears of the believers. After a huge disaster testing humanity's fate, religion is always a powerful lifeline, and nowadays if you are not a good christian your reputation is basically half ruined. The eminent exponents of this new Church would certainly not miss a meeting of the most powerful women in this world - women who have the duty to guide the masses.

“People say that Popess Benedetta I is sick. If it’s true, one of the Prioresses attending the party might be the one who will sit on the papal throne, obviously everyone wants to bet on the winning horse. And what about the men who accompany them? Luckily they are forbidden to take the vows: men’s fertility is way too precious to be sacrificed. By the way, God punished us for their very sins, so who wants a male priest anyway?”