High-tech bodies require constant maintenance. Everybody knows that, but no Med will ever warn you, before they slice you open. Why risk losing a client for life, right?
Every piece of me I replace makes me wonder, which parts of me are still human, and which are machine, now? Maybe this limit exists no more, or maybe it never existed at all ⎯ we are what we choose to be. This is my truth, and nobody can take it from me, not even if they disassemble me piece by piece. This is my way of life, and no one will scare me out of it.


The Sprawl awaits. Psychosis awaits. Rival gangs do, too. Set in a ruthless and alienated world where outcasts and scumbags fight over the few scraps of humanity that are left, Cyberpunk will be packed with action and investigation.
Blades and guns, power and money, hacking and information trafficking ⎯ everybody will use every last weapon at their disposal to get that last fragment of freedom that’s left.
Beware, though, as behind the corner, barely lit up by neon lights, are hiding those questions you don’t want answered.
Because wounds heal ⎯ awareness of what you have become doesn’t.



This will be a journey back in time, and a jump forward. You will have a taste of life in the future, seen through the glorious 1980s’ filter. With a wink to the mood and themes of the namesake RPG and absolute masterpieces of the likes of Blade Runner, Akira, Johnny Mnemonic and Ghost in the Shell, you will live for three days under the neon lights of the Sprawl. Your pod, your hideout will be filled up with the smell of junk food. Your life will be a constant struggle for survival, a never-ending fight against rival gangs and powerful Corporations to take control over the slums. Remember, though: you cannot live in the Sprawl. You can only survive.