"Be prepared"
(Robert Baden-Powell)

All the info you need about timetable, where and how to get there, food and accommodation.
Larp Timetable

Friday - workshop & in-game dinner!
❄ 10:00-16:30 - Meeting at “John XXIII” scout house in Bessen Haut (municipality of Sauze di Cesana).
❄ 15:30 - For those arriving by train: meeting at Oulx railway station (1 hour from Turin, 3 hours from Milan), from where we’ll give you a ride up to the scout house.
❄ 17:00-19:30 - Briefing & workshop, getting acquainted between players. It’s mandatory to arrive before 16:30.
❄ 19:30 - “Almost in-game” dinner, to discuss about relationships between fellow team members. The Night’s Watch and the Free Folk will have dinner in two different rooms.
❄ 21:30 - End of dinner time, you will prepare your luggages and costumes for the next day.
❄ 22:30 - Goodnight! At 23.00 we’ll turn off the lights.

Saturday - larp & party!
❄ 06:30 - Wake up & breakfast
❄ 07:10 - Dressing & Makeup
❄ 08:00 - All dressed, ready to go out! We’ll move towards the in-game area.
❄ 09:00 - Time-in. A packed lunch will be consumed in-game, during the larp.
❄ 16-16:30 approx. - Time-out.
❄ 17:00 - Back to the scout house to get changed, dry up and so on.
❄ 17:30 - Hot tea & biscuits for everyone.
❄ 19.00 - Dinner
❄ 21.00- PARTY TIME! The LARP will (hopefully) have gone great, so why not having a party all together?

Sunday - Snowday!
❄ Sunday is a “day off” for everyone: the scout house will remain available for all until 18:30.
❄ Bessen Haut is 3km away from Sestriere, a ski resort that is part of the huge Milky Way ski areaequipped with many touristic services: in addition to ski areas, you can ice skate, rent a pair of snowshoes, go sledding with huskies or swimming into the outdoor heated pool, rent a snowmobile, or even go to heliski.
❄ If you want to try out skiing or snowboarding, you can book a lesson to one of the many schools out there.
❄ Or, you can simply make a snowman or take a walk, then gorge yourself with polenta and fondue in a typical restaurant, like a real mountain man ;)

All of these activities are (obviously) at your expense, but we’ll gladly help you planning your day, before and during the event, according to everyone’s wishes.
For those who want to simply go skiing or snowboarding, the daily skipass is 38€ (or 28€ at the near ski station of Cesana - Monti della Luna, smaller but nonetheless pretty good). Renting a pair of skis and boots in one of the many shops at the start of the slopes is about 15-20€.


I want to arrive earlier or stay longer!
No problem at all: there are 12 places available into the staff house (it’s a private home, few minutes away from Bessen Haut’s Alpine House).
If you want to arrive on Thursday, and/or leave on Monday, you’re welcome to join us until places are sold out (in case there will be more requests, places will be assigned prior to Associated Producers and Supporters, in this order).
In case, we’ll ask you to contribute with 25€ per night; in addition to the overnight stay, a dinner the evening before, and breakfast the morning after, will be included. And if you need a ride somewhere, we’ll try to help you out!
Note: the house is nice and big, but it isn’t a hotel; it will be more like a vacation with friends, only it won't ever be up to you to cook, wash dishes or do the shopping :)


We’ll stay for the weekend at the Casa Alpina "John XXIII", in Bessen Haut, a small hamlet reachable from Sestriere (though being part of Sauze di Cesana municipality).

The nearest railway station is in Oulx, 20km away from Sestriere, on the Turin-Paris train line.
Sestriere is connected by many local buses to Turin, and Oulx itself. The Bessen Haut hamlet is just 3 km from Sestriere, across a flat road through the woods.

Anyway, our advice is to reach to the location by car, or take the train to Oulx, from where the Staff will organize car rides.
The Alpine house has a private parking.

Only for the international run, we’ll organize a larp bus from Turin to Bessen Haut, at about 15, or max 20€ per ride (better explained, the total cost per ride is 400€, that will be divided by the number of passengers).
The bus will leave from Turin airport (Caselle) at 13:30, will stop at Turin railway station (Porta Susa) at 14:00 and will arrive at Bessen Haut at about 16:00. The itinerary could change according to needs, but we won’t leave at a earlier time - if you book your flight in order to arrive in Turin before these times, you’ll surely get the larp bus.

Some info about buses and trains from Milan, Milan airport, and Turin airport to Turin city centre:
- From Milan Malpensa airport to TURIN (Porta Susa train station): 22€, every 2 hours, takes 2 hours. Details
- From Milan Malpensa airport to Milan Centrale train station: 10€, every 20 min, takes 50 min. Details
- From Milan Centrale train station to Turin (Porta Susa train station, and then Porta Nuova train station): price varies, every 30-60 minutes, takes 60-120 minutes. Train details
- From Turin Caselle airport to Turin (Porta Susa train station, and then Porta Nuova train station): 6.50€ , every 30 min, takes 45 min. Details
- From Bergamo Orio al Serio to Turin (Porta Susa train station): from 10€ by Flixbus, takes 2h50 Or alternatively you can get the shuttle to Bergamo train station, or the bus to Milano Centrale train station, and then get a train to Turin. shuttle/bus details or train details

You can buy tickets for all these trains and buses directly on site, before boarding, but for Flixbus


The “Giovanni XXIII” Alpine house is equipped with rooms and dormitories with bunk beds, bathrooms and hot showers. Towels are not included.

Beds are equipped with pillowcases and wool blankets, but not bed sheets. You’ll have to bring your bed sheets along, to use with the supplied blankets, or a sleeping bag.

Only for international players: if you can’t bring your sleeping bag in your plane luggage, we can lend you one, while supplies last. They’re almost new, warm Decathlon sleeping beds (used only a couple of times).

Meals: the event includes all meals, that are:
❄ Friday, a welcome snack and in-game dinner.
❄ Saturday, breakfast, packed lunch during the larp, a hot tea on the way back, dinner and the party (drinks included)
❄ At Sunday, breakfast, sandwiches for packed lunch, and a hot tea before leaving the house.
❄ For those who intend to stay longer (see above), breakfast and dinner are included, but not lunch.