"Night gathers, and now my watch begins."
(George R. R. Martin)

This larp does not contemplate skills or rules, except for common sense and simple norms for combat. If you never played a larp, please watch this short video (produced by Court of Moravia, a Czech larp organizer group). Just remember to put subtitles on.

On Friday afternoon there will be a workshop to explain more in detail how to play


❄ Do not jump in the ravine, do not push anyone in the ravine, do not harm others.

❄ Do not go by yourself in a snow storm, try not to go farther than 100 m from the main group.

❄ If you have a problem, ask an organizer or another player using the safewords


❄ "LAY OFF!": use it if you find anything too unpleasant to bear, or if someone is being too violent, or if you have a real problem. It means “turn down the intensity, give me some space”, and it is compulsory to obey.

❄ "IS THAT ALL?": use it if you find something too unrealistic or abstract, and you want more intensity in your game, either physically or verbally. It is the opposite of “lay off”, but it is not an order, only a suggestion to increase intensity.


❄ We use typical larp weapons: harmless and realistic foam replicas of medieval weapons.

❄ No violent strikes, no strikes to the face or the genital area. Hits on the head are valid ONLY if coming from above, and with special caution.

❄ No repeated hits, only neat blows are valid.

❄ If you take two neat hits, you are Wounded: scream in pain, limp, be confused, but if you want you can still clench your teeth and go on with the action.

❄ If you take two more neat hits (four in total), you are Defeated: your Character is heavily wounded, or stunned, terrified or exhausted. You are not able to either fight or flee, and you will probably have to be carried on a stretcher.

❄ The healers decide and declare the extent of injury, how long will it take for you to be able to act again, if you can walk or not and so on so forth. Follow their instructions.

No one dies. We cannot abandon “corpses” in the mountains, so no character can be killed. Never play fatal scenes such as “I slit your throat”, and if you undergo such a scene consider you have only been wounded, that some miracle occurred, that it was really close but somehow you survived.

❄ Exception: towards the end of the larp, some NPCs (organizers and helpers) could use the keyword MORGHULIS when they hit you. This means that your character is actually dead or dying: fall and play a nice dying scene.

❄ Important: do not leave the "dead" in the snow to freeze! A couple of minutes later at most carry the fallen to the woods, or out of sight, so that they can stand up without ruining the atmosphere, join the organizers and be taken to a warm place or play some extra. If you are forgotten in the snow, do NOT care about the scene: wait a minute and then stand up to go to a dry and warm place. Breaking the illusion is not nice, but still better than pneumonia.